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Here is the new PINS Webcam

10/20 Great fishing over the weekend with jacks, spanish mackerel, pompano, reds, whiting, black drum and trout all in the mix - Here is a report from O Brother who made his firsrt trip down PINS with the family on 10/18 - "Made our first trip ever down PINS yesterday with my wife, youngest daughter and her boyfriend. I have bay fished for 15 yrs down here and tried surf fishing between Corpus and Port A a time or two. The surf fishing I have tried was just tossing some lures when the kids were playing in the sand but nothing more than that. I have followed other surf fishing post on here and have always thought about making a serious trip to just go surf fishing.

Well, I will say up front we had a blast..... I picked up some live Piggy perch and some frozen finger mullet from Cos Way and went through Pins gate about 7 am. We drove down to about mile marker 10 and saw some birds working the water. We pulled over and tried wading the first gut. After about 30 mins with nothing biting we loaded up and headed farther south. Found Yarbough Cut and went over to the bay side and found some guys coming off the water. They said it was slow all morning with only a few black drum on shrimp. A rain shower come over so we headed back to the surf. Went down between mile markers 20 and 25 and set up on some more birds working the first gut. My wife caught two reds both right at 25" within about 10 mins. My daughter and her boyfriend caught numerous whiting, skip jacks and smalll Jack Creville. We worked that spot for about 2 hrs with them catching something on every cast. It was about 3 pm by then so we called it a day and headed out. The water was clear, no weed so the biggest thing to deal with was the wind but wasn't bad for down here. We broght home two reds and 6 whiting all about 14". My wife is baking them in the oven as I send this report..... Already planning the next trip...

Come out of the grass with your fins up....... "

10/17 Excellent Fishing - Conditions after the front Monday have been spectacular with good catches of redfish, spanish mackerel, pompano, whiting and of course blacktipped sharks.

10/1 Sharkathon is in the Books and It was Wild and Wooly - Check out these reports. First up Poco Bueno's Winning Girls.

Report HERE


Here's Another from Hickroots07 Sharkathon 2014

9/25 Seas Building and Rain Coming Must Mean SHARKATHON THIS WEEKEND - Sharkathon starts tomorrow and lasts through Sunday. Expect huge crowds on the Padre Island National Seashore. In addition the Texas GLO will be conducting their Annual Fall Beach Cleanup on area beaches from Nine until Noon on Saturday. Jeff Wolda and Billy Sandifer Filed a Pre Sharkathon Scouting Trip Wednesday on the Friends of Padre website HERE

Heres a shot from their trip showing the weed to the dunes and the bumpy road.

9/20 PINS Gets Better - After weeks of tropical lows, northeast winds and sargassum, things are looking up on the Seashore. Jeff Wolda of Padre Island Light Tackle Adventures reported that the dusky anchovies were out in full force along with skipjacks but they managed some redfish, jscks, and this big stingray 9/19




9/4 PINS Reopens - (Corpus Christi, Texas)- After two days of closure due to Coastal Flood Advisories the park rangers at Padre Island National Seashore have reopened South Beach to vehicle traffic.

Drivers attempting to travel on South Beach need to be aware that there is no established road at this time. Also there is a large amount of marine debris including sargassum seaweed, trees, and various objects. Be aware, be prepared!

9/3 PINS South Beach Remains Closed to Vehicle Traffic - (Corpus Christi, Texas)- The National Park Service closed South Beach to vehicle traffic starting at 6:00 pm last night (9/2/14) due to the Coastal Flood Advisory issued by the National Weather Service. Early morning assessment of conditions on South Beach has led rangers to conclude that the beach is not yet safe for vehicle traffic. The gate will remain closed at this time. The next assessment will be conducted at 3:00 pm this afternoon when the tide is going out.

9/2 PINS South Beach to Close Tonight at 6p to Vehicle Traffic - (Corpus Christi, Texas) - The Coastal flood Advisory issued by the National Weather Service is from 10 pm on Tuesday September 2nd until noon on Wednesday September 3rd. To protect the visiting public the staff at Padre Island National Seashore will be closing South Beach to vehicle traffic from 6 pm on Tuesday September 2nd until conditions change to allow for vehicle traffic to safely resume.

For further information go to:

8//27 Water to the Dunes and Brown Surf reported as a result of Invest 98! - Be sure to check the local weather. Here is the forecast for shore to 50 miles out.

8/27 Friends of Padre Pre Labor Day Scouting Report 8/26 - Watch that Low Pressure! Report HERE

8//24/Friends of Padre Report HERE

8/25/2014 - Roger Mortimore with a nice black drum on fishbites and shrimp!


8/06/2014 Friends of Padre PINS Report via Jeff Wolda and Capt. Billy Sandifer - Report HERE


7//29 PINS - Driving is good at low tide minimal sargassum. Redfish, spanish mackerel, pompano and a few trout oh and one big Stingray from Mike35 who filed this report 7/26/27 on his trip to the Mansfield Jetty.

7/22 PINS Via Friends of Padre - Water in the 70's south of the 20's and the beach gets NARROW in the 50'd. Complete Report HERE

7/14 PINS 7/9 Via Dmchan - Headed out with a couple friends from out of town late. Left the blacktop about 2. Driving was no problem and water looked pretty good. Finally I it appeared I could soak a line without clearing weed every 30 seconds!! Wound up about 4 miles down. Was mostly a leisure trip but glad i grabbed a couple rods anyway as the surf was finally fishable. Soaked lines for about 10 minutes with practically no weed before the first hit. It didn't find a hook but after 20 minutes of hunting for bait I got another hit and a hookup. First one was a skipjack but the non locals had fun with it. From that point we landed several jacks on live baits in the second gut.
Maybe not the best day of fishing but far better than I've seen in the surf since the sargasso showed up and I was able to put another friend on fish this year. I'm calling it a success.

*edit Wow, those pics were huge. Weird.

Towboat Trash Epic report 7/6 - 7/9 - Report HERE


7/8 Good Fishing as Water Turns Green - The water calmed for the Fourth of July Weekend and fishing turned on. Jeff Wolda of Padre Island Light Tackle Adventures reported good fishing for redfish and trout on topwaters and gold spoons.

Claus fishing with Nick Meyer got this nice red on fishbites and shrimp


7/2 Park Updates to Pass Along via FB - via FB

Planning on taking a trek down island this weekend? If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, it can be a fun adventure. To make it a safe one, we have a couple of updates for you.
Yarborough Pass, which is an optional access sand road that goes from the beach across the island and over to the Laguna Madre, is considered impassible at this time. It requires crossing very deep, soft sand, and even 4-wheel drive vehicles are getting stuck. Try it at your own risk.
On South Beach, between Mile 53 and 54, there is a narrow stretch that, at high tide, can be very tricky to cross. Please be aware of the tides if heading down island.
Call our Beach and Weather Conditions Hotline at 361-949-8175 for daily updates on park alerts, driving conditions, tides, and other helpful information. And have a great weekend! (JM)

7/1 6/27 - 6/29 WATCH OUT AT HIGH TIDE - Report Via Hungerbuster who says -Took the older kids down PINS on a trip my wife insisted we take. I did not argue. But, given the conditions of the surf and the beach, maybe I should have Very Happy

We got on the beach around 6:30 Friday evening to a windy, but still beautiful front-lit surf. It had been a while, so we all just enjoyed seeing the beach. And at that time of day on the surf, it's hard not to find yourself standing still like a 10 year old with his mouth open staring at the coolest roller coaster he's ever seen.

We found ourselves rewarded with what SEEMED to be great driving conditions-- hard packed, smooth road above the still substantial weed line. We stopped and looked at some really promising structure around 5, passed another around 7 and finally called it good at a spot around 8. We were planning on going down farther, but what's the point when you find a good spot? I think sometimes folks go down farther just to "go down."

Anyway, the wind picked up to about a sustained 20 that night, and we enjoyed just being on the beach. Got up early Saturday to great weather conditions, but a surf that looked like a blender. No sets, waves breaking in every direction and seas so high that you couldn't see beyond the surf horizon to the green water. Weed was manageable if you knew how to fish it (just old stuff in the wade gut). Didn't catch anything but a few whiting and more hardheads than you could count. Of course, with the surf looking like it was, we weren't expecting to fill the box anyway. Like I said, it had been a while.

Of course, the real story was the road--there wasn't one. At all. Surf killed it to the dune grass. You shoulda seen the idiots driving their $50,000 trucks (even saw an Acura SUV) through six inches of salt water at 20 mph. Throwing water, mud and weed all over their gear. If it wasn't so sad, it would have been funny. Of course, it led to some interesting thinking on our part-- maybe we should leave when the water table goes down.....

Needless to say, it was an adventure trying to get off the beach. But, in the end, we got our feet in the sand, some salt water on our skin and lines in the water. Though I gotta say, the 30 mph winds Saturday afternoon got a bit old. Of course, the good Lord provided us with wet sand, so as long as you stayed away from the dunes, no blowing sand.

Anyway, we had fun. Right now, the only time to go down the beach is after 4. Otherwise, you're going to have to drive in the water to get past 10. Likewise, the only time to come off the beach easily is after 4, for the same reason. Waves did set up in the afternoon once the tide started to move, and the water TRIED to green up early evening.

But that's that. Like I said, we had fun. Be safe and fish hard.


6/13 and 6/11 Via Tyler and Jeff Wolda -

6/11 - While Dad was out to Red Lobster for his birthday dinner Jeff Wolda and I hit the beach. We popped in at Whitecap and saw the water was still brown in close so we hit PINS. Water was off color but had a hint of green and little to no weed. It got bigger after 6pm. We tried topwaters but it got too big but we tried anyway. Had a few tailslaps and Jeff managed to catch a skipjack on a Kastmaster. I finally hooked a skipjack on a Johnson Silver Minnow before going all in with a glo she dog at the end. It was not quite ready yet but we couldn't stand to not go with the surf building this week. It should be good soon! Lots of stingrays out there so be careful!


6/8 Weed Continues. Here's Why There are No Fishing Reports from PINS 6/7 Conditions at Malaquite - Unfishable and not great for swimming I would guess with rough and dirty water past the fourth bar. Fresh sargassum is coming in and the old stuff is thicker than it looks.

And video


6/4/ It is still horrible weed wise - Amy and Ron Chambers reported on their blog after a trip 5/31 - 6/1. You can read it here Ron took a step out in the sargassum and instantly found this sink hole

The prognosis remains poor as guide Jeff Wolda says it is as bad as it gets right now. You might want to leave the fishing gear at home right now and find a nice cleanly raked spot on the Malaquite Beach if you just want to go play.

5/21 More Weed and Reason Why Reports Are Dead - I wish I could tell you the beach is clear but this is more the norm than the exception. There have been some breaks way south near the Jetty. When the sargassum does clear it will be from the south to the north on the southeast winds. Here is Kyle Christenson with a selfie he took down the beach last week 5/16. Kyle is a Biology Technician at the Padre Island National Seashore.

5/15 Still Weeded Out - Sorry but the weed, wind and rain has just about owned the surf since the end of April and today Jeff Wolda went down for a Friends of Padre Report and the driving is tough. WATCH OUT AND DO NOT DRIVE THE LOW ROAD ON THE WET SAND NEXT TO THE WEED LINE!

Details HERE

4/22 JohnnyReb 4/18 - 4/20 Report -Quick report, driving horrible, weed HEAVY!, water murky to the 33 where it cleared nicely to the mid 40s. lots of 5 to 6 ft Blacktips cruising the wadegut, tried sightcasting baits to them, but they were really spooked? Huge schools of jacks are mixed in with the BTs, theres fish to be caught if the weed will give ya a break. Fletcher and i landed several 6ft class Bts, felt good to finally hit the beach...its been awhile. A few pix.

4/9 PINS Report from Friends of Padre - HERE

4/8 Report via Jetty Bandit - Hit the sand at about 11 pm Monday night and, Got to the jetties at about 2:30 am...

Slept in a little bit, made some breakfast and started taking our gear down the jetties to run some baits....

I had a bait get picked up and dropped and immediately after Cole was hooked up on a 5' class blacktip. CPR

Ryan's bait got hit next which produced a blacktip just over the 6' mark that put on a nice aerial show. CPR

Next up my rod started taking off which ended up being another blacktip, this time a little male, a little over 4.5'.... also CPR

Then the slot reds started schooling up so we snatched up a couple of those before hiking back to the beach. We put a few baits out right before dark off the beach but they got weeded out pretty quickly. Made some dinner on the pit, and got some sleep before waking up at 5 am so we could make it to class on time today... If I didn't have a stupid presentation to give we would still be down there because this morning was BEAUTIFUL. It was so difficult driving off that beach with the conditions how they were...

Anyways it was a good short little trip, no monsters but we put some more points on the board for Team Hardhead Mafia

4/7 South of Bob Hall to Sticks on PINS via Jebsays - Decided to hit the beach today since the weather looked great and I'm limited on opportunities for the next few weeks photographing an African safari.

Drove south from Bob Hall and ended up just a bit south of the northern bollards of PINS. Driving was fair; no sweat in 4 HI but some of the patches could have been a little tough for 4x2's.

Old weed on the beach, very little fresh weed in the surf.

Water clarity wasn't horrible but not great by any stretch of the imagination. I'd say 5-6/10.

Got my first baits in the water a bit after 3pm... shrimp fishbites (pink and flesh colored) led to whiting which led to some cut bait. Worked the wade gut and both sides of the 2nd bar with little luck beside the occasional whiting.

I began to vacillate whether I should head in or not to get some things done... pulled the first rod out of the holder - still deciding in my head what to do - gave the handle a crank and was met by a blistering run south towards Mexico. The fish gods made the stay or go decision for me.

Only took a couple of pics for the day... but here they are.

Jack : 45-46" fork length, weight... dunno, felt heavy. Hit on fishbites.

Headed in shortly before sunset and stopped at "the bowl" to take a couple of pictures. Pretty heavy cloud line was coming in with some thunderheads. Was hoping for some lightning along with the sunset but it didn't happen...

4/4 PINS Set to Reopen Saturday Morning 4/5 - Jim Lago, Nick Meyer and I went on a reconnaissance mission to Malaquite Beach this morning. We were underwhelmed with the oil on the beach and could only find one tar ball in the sand . Our experience left us wondering why the beach needed to be shut down.


PINS Partial OPEN for driving. All Beaches Open 8am Saturday April 5th

(Corpus Christi, Texas)- Progress continues with the oil clean-up at the national seashore. The hard work will allow park beaches to reopen for the weekend. The short stretch of beach known as North Beach, has already reopened to driving. The South Beach area is taking longer to clean since heavier oil saturation levels further north in the park were addressed first.

Workers have now cleaned over five and a half miles of beach. Park staff continues to monitor the migrating and resident bird species to watch for sickened or dead birds. Visitors that find oiled birds or animals are asked not to handle them but to instead note the location and report them to park rangers or call the Wildlife Hotline at 888-384-2000.

While crews have done their very best to remove the oil from the beach, note that there are still small amounts of oil present on sand and other debris. Anyone visiting the park should consider bringing a small bottle of baby oil and some disposable rags or paper towels to clean oil off of shoes and skin. Do not use gas or paint remover type products as they are more dangerous than the oil.

Park Superintendent Mark Spier would like to thank everyone for the patience and understanding exhibited during the past five days while the beach was closed. Spier said "Our goals throughout the entire event have been to insure visitors have a safe and healthy place to recreate and that we provide wildlife a clean environment to live in. We appreciate the outstanding effort of the many partner agencies that helped with the extensive effort to clean the Texas coast."


42 PINS Remainds Closed to Beach Vehicle Traffic - (Corpus Christi, Texas)- The National Park Service continues to monitor the clean-up work taking place along the beach at Padre Island National Seashore. While the portions of the park's beach that are normally open to vehicle traffic are still closed, Bird Island Basin boat ramp, all park campgrounds, and the Malaquite Visitor Center remain open for use.

On Tuesday, a twenty-person hand crew made good progress in cleaning Malaquite Beach, the park's most popular visitor beach access area. School and education programs are continuing at the visitor center; however, beach goers are being advised to check their footwear for tar when returning from the beach. The size of the work forced doubled on Wednesday as partner agencies brought additional personnel and equipment into the park to handle the work load. Other staff members continue to watch for oiled wildlife and are working to get the injured birds or other animals to decontamination facilities.

If no significant amounts of additional oil wash ashore, the park is optimistic that we can begin reopening cleaned areas to regular beach use as soon as is practical. As soon as those decisions are made, another press announcement will occur so that businesses and visitors can resume their normal activities.

4/1 PINS IS CLOSED NO JOKE - Oil from the barge spill in Galveston is impacting the beaches and right now contractors are removing the oil soaked patches of sargassum from the beach before people drive over it making it more difficult to remove. Beaches and driving will be open as soon as possible.


Here is the official press release from the National Park Service


(Corpus Christi, Texas)- The National Park Service, in an effort to prevent additional clean-up issues caused by vehicle traffic pressing oil into beach sands, has temporarily closed park beaches to driving. The beach driving closure will remain in effect until the clean-up has reached a satisfactory level to minimize further risks to park resources. The park will remain open to visitors wanting to access Bird Island Basin boat ramp, park campgrounds and the Malaquite Visitor Center. Hiking and swimming along park beaches are strongly discouraged due to hygiene reasons. Visitors to area beaches are advised to carry baby oil and paper towels to remove oil from the skin or shoes.
The vehicle beach closure is to allow clean-up in the most efficient manner possible. As long as oil is on the surface of the sand it may be readily lifted off. Continued above average tides this week will mean that vehicles would be forced to drive through the mix of algae and oil droplets found at the high water line. This would serve to "plow" the oil down into the sand and make for much more difficult clean-up. That would then potentially keep the beaches closed for an even longer duration.
As soon as the beach clean-up has reached a satisfactory level, the park will send out an additional press release to update area visitors and residents. For additional information, please call the Malaquite Visitor Center at 361-949-8068.

3/23 Report via Stumpjumper150 - Went down the beach this morning not far past the 4x4 sign. We ran out one big bait and it sat all morning untouched. We did however catch 6 pompano, 1 big whiting, 3 stingrays and 2 bonnethead sharks.

3/22 Hickroots07 - Report HERE

3/8 Friends of Padre Beach Report 3/7 - REPORT HERE

3/7 Report via Redfin21 - "Well just got back to N.B from Pins today. Spent Thursday evening and half of today down the beach with a good friend of mine. Thursday late afternoon stopped around the 15mm and started picking up a few whiting right away. Hooked up with a 23 inch red about 2 hours before dark. That would be it for that evening. After some BBQ and some cold beverages that night, We wake up to calm and clear condition the next morning. Fished till 3:00 pm and landed a nice keeper drum, 1 very nice pompano, and a 31 inch red. Then whiting after whiting till the action stopped completely around 2:30. All in all was a great first trip of the year. Will be back after Turkey Season. Tight lines everyone."

3/1 Seanu's Cleanup and Fishing Report - REPORT HERE


2/23 Big Shell Cleanup a Huge Success! Captain Billy Sandifer says "A record 540 volunteers tied the record by cleaning 13 1/2 miles of beach and picked up 40 tons of trash. The whole thing was absolutely awesome, everyone was awesome and I apologize for having a pulled muscle in my back and not getting around more and getting to see more people. Your Brother in the Sand, Billy "

2.5 year old Brantley Queeney gets a wave from Captain Billy and David Ainsworth Sr. as they pass by in "Trashzilla" the Rollagon

2/15 Stunned Turtle Release Sunday 2/16 - Maybe one of IMS's turtles will be in the group.
Here is the info from the Park's FB page

"Come watch release of about 100 cold stunned green sea turtles tomorrow! Temperatures have warmed over the last few days and cold stunned turtles are ready for release. Although most of the turtles were found in the Upper Laguna Madre, bay water temperatures are still low, so we will be release the turtles into the Gulf of Mexico surf where they can disperse to warmer offshore waters. Release information follows:

Where: Padre Island National Seashore (North Padre Island), in front of Malaquite Beach Pavilion

When: Sunday, February 16 at 11:00 am

The event is open to anyone that would like to attend. No fee is charged to attend the release. Admittance to Padre Island National Seashore and other National Park Service units is free this weekend in honor of President's Day. To attend, follow Park Road 22 to Padre Island National Seashore. About two miles after the National Seashore Entrance Station, you will see a bright yellow Turtle Release sign on the right and the large Malaquite Beach Visitor Center parking lot on the left. You should turn left there, park your vehicle in the large lot, and walk onto the beach in front of the Visitor Center. See you there!

2/14 Big Shell Cleanup Next week - Here is a bit of history on how the Cleanup started from Billy Sandifer courtesy of David Sikes and the Caller Times


Jeff Wolda and I fished on Sunday -


1/31 Week After Week of Cold Slows Reports but Here is one from 1/26 from Friends of Padre via Capt. Billy Sandifer HERE


12/31 - 1/1/2013 Via Deputydawg - The wife and I decided to bring in the new year at PINS. We got there Monday around 2PM and left around 1PM today. We continued our string of bad weather trips with this one. I believe it was around 40 when we hit the beach and I dont think it got much warmer than that till this morning. It also was misting rain the entire time! Pretty much as miserable as it could get!!!!

As I expected the fishing matched the weather. Miserable!!! I had rods in the water most all the day new years eve and this morning. I had a single bite the whole trip. It was a 32.5 lb black drum out of the first gut on a shrimp/fishbite combo. I also tried some frozen mullet with no takers. I don't think I lost another bait the whole trip!

We went down to the 23 but camped at around the 18ish. Actually stayed at the exact same spot as we did on our Thanksgiving trip. While driving along we saw the same pallet we used last time as a porch so we pulled right in. The driving was good on the low tide. The high side looked like it was getting pretty rutted up though. The beach/dune combing was also less than spectacular! The wife found a couple of sea beans, a handful of good sandollars, and a few other things but overall a dissapointing haul.

Now for the good news! In spite of bad weather, bad fishing, and everthing else bad we had a GREAT trip!!! What better way to bring in the new year than hanging out with your best friend (who also happens to be your wife)! We made some great memories!!! Enjoyed some great campfires, walks, talks, and just enjoyed each other. Played with our dachshund, he had a great time. We not only made it through the miserable weather we did it comfortably. I feel like we can pretty much take anything that beach can throw at us now.

12/14 PINS 12/6 - 12/9 Seanu21 -Read his Yarborough and Beach report HERE

12/2 Great Fishing Thanksgiving Weekend - Lots of oversized drum, redfish and keeper and slots over the weekend. Nickaway of Breakaway Tackle had this huge fat 48 Inch Red along with some Pompano fishing Sunday 12/1


Brenda aka Surfgirl caught the biggest pomp


Fishing prospects look great till Thursday afternoon with morning fog and light surf!



11/28 Happy Thanksgiving! - With the cold weather and rain expect the winter pattern to begin at the beach meaning Bull Reds, whiting, black drum and pompano. The Jacks might hang around a bit longer but they will leave by the middle of December - Normally.

Guide Jeff Wolda and his clients caught and released a lot of bull reds just prior to the cold snap 11/24

You can get the hole report on the Friends of Padre Site HERE

11/11 11/9 Report via 4thereels - Hey guys.....
Went out to PINS Saturday morning and found her looking great...the drive was weeds in the water what so was beautiful.
Went to about to the 21mm or so.
Didnt see any bait in the water.
Using shrimp and fish bites...I caught a few small hardheads....and some whiting....which I used as cut bait.
And using that....I caught this baby.....she went 40" and about 18lbs. What a great fish to battle. My personal best there at PINS.
She went back in the water after a few pics.
What a great beautiful day...I could have stayed longer but only had 2lbs of it only lasted about 5 hours...bummer.
If I would have know it was going to be that great out there....I would have bought more bait and stayed the night probably....oh well.

11/6-7 Via DeputyDawg - Short trip and not a whole lot to report. Actually hit the beach late tuesday night and was met with high tides all the way to the dunes. Stayed just off the pavement and had a great night going to sleep listening to the surf. Woke up the next morning and started the journey. Tide was out and the driving was fantastic!!! I stopped occasionally and never found a spot to fish that wasnt to weedy. There was mullet but the water looked pretty bad anyway. After a morning of fighting the weed and roaming around the dunes and beach I made it to the jettys. Weed wasn't bad there but water didn't look good. The mullet were thick on the surf side along the rocks and I had high hopes. I ended up spending the afternoon catching a truckload of lady fish. Nothing to bring home but a blast to catch on topwaters!!!

I parked and made my litte camp right at the start of the jetties. At dark I decided I would just hunker down and wait for that front to come in. Boy did it ever show up! Not sure what time it got there but those winds were ripping when it did. Thursday morning sure made me question my decision to go all the way down. The tide was crazy high, wind seemed hurricane force, water crashing over the rocks, it was BAD!!! The tides eventually went back out though and I made a break for it around 11:00. Made it off no problem and can't wait to go back when the conditions are a litte better. I had a great time even though I didn't catch any of the fish I was after!

I did find something around the 20 that I will gladly return to the owner if they give me a description. Probably been lost a week or two.

11/1 Lots of Waves and Current After and During Sharkathon - There are plenty of threads on the message board about Sharkathon. Acoustennis went down Wednesday and said it remained rough though he did scratch out three pompano. A front comes in tomorrow and north winds will blast the waves from the opposite direction Sunday and Monday look much better.

10/23 Sargassum Owns Most of the Beach! - Captain Billy Sandifer was down Monday and filed this report on the Friends of Padre Website.


10/20 PINS Reopened last week. Sharkathon set for the weekend 10/25 - 27 expect HUGE Crowds. Meanwhile on Sunday 10/20 Nick Meyer of Breakaway tackle reported small and large jacks and slot reds.

Guide Jeff Wolda's clients ground out some slot reds.

Evan with a 24.5 inch red

10/1 PINS IS CLOSED TFN DUE TO GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN - Park Rd 22 will be gated and locked TFN. No access to Malaquite Beach or to Bird Island Basin until the shutdown ends.

9/25 Fins on Pins Gets a Nice Variety of Fish - See it all HERE


9/21 Towboat Trash Assesses the Beach 9/20 - Complete Report HERE


9/18 PINS to Reopen but it may not last - Status update...the beach is RE-OPENED TO DRIVING as of this morning. That being said, conditions are not the best for driving, so use caution. Coastal flooding pushed up a lot of debris to the upper road and there is also much debris hidden by seaweed. It will be very slow going if you do not want to damage vehicles. Finally, there is another system off the Yucatan that we are watching that has potential to force us to close once again. Stay tuned...

9/13 Padre Island National Seashore Beaches are CLOSED to driving due to High Tides - As of this morning,the park's beaches are CLOSED TO DRIVING due to unsafe driving conditions. The disturbance in the Bay of Campeche is causing unusually high tides, bringing water and lots of seaweed up to the dune line. There is also a HIGH RISK of RIP CURRENTS. These conditions may continue through the weekend. We will post a notification when the beaches re-open.


9/12 Rain, Sargassum and Wind Own the Beach! Friends of Padre's Jeff Wolda reported 9/11 Went to the 15 this morning. Weed OWNS the beach and the water. The only road is the high road and driving is good due to the rains. Strong NE-E winds the next few days will prevent the tide from dropping like expected so there may be no low road for some time. Weather forecast for the weekend does not look good as the water could go to the dunes due to the low pressure system in the southern gulf. Jeff

8/31 Friends of Padre Report 8/30 is up and Sargassum Owns All But the Last Two Miles - Report HERE

8/28 PINS Report via Jeff Wolda - First off as you can tell the PINS camera is down and the park is aware of it. Jeff says the weed owns the beach from the pavement to the Mansfield Jetty. (Strange August North and Northeast wind brings in sargassum from offshore. Look for it to diminish once the wind goes strong SE.) A few small jacks and loads of whiting on the Monday charter.

Alan Carneal with a baby jack crevalle


8/20 PINS 22 mile mark 9/17 via Krspykrmeburritto - Report HERE

8/14 Another Tiger - After the 11'4 Tiger at Packery on 8/9 JohnnyReb gets one on PINS. Report HERE

8/12 Deputy Dawg filed this report 8/8 - 8/11 - Spent thursday, friday, and saturday on PINS with the wife and daughter. We had a great time even though the fishing wasn't that good. Spent thursday around the 20, then moved down to the 25 on friday. Finally on the way out we stopped at about the 10.

The fishing was okay but not great. Caught a couple of reds, 1 keeper drum, and a bunch of big whiting. I saw very few mullet and no birds working. The water was beautiful though! Didn't talk to anybody that was catching many.

We did all our driving on low tide so the driving was good. The high side looked pretty bad though and the entrance area was pretty rough as well.

Overall it was another good trip! I caught some fish, the wife found some beans on her walks, and the daughter spent plenty of time in the water. We can't wait to come back!

Other weekend Reports 8/10 Jeremy and Jesse Torres reported good action for Pompano and whiting in the Little Shell just past thje 15 mile mark.

8/2 Friends of Padre beach Report for Today is ready! - HERE

Below is at the 7 mile area.

8/1 Report via Jiggin Joe - Been reading the forums for quite some time and love all the useful information it's provided me. I figured it I'd finally make an account and join the community! Went out to PINS yesterday with some success so I figured I'd post up my novice fishing report for whatever it's worth.

Made camp somewhere between mile marker 9 and 10 around 530pm, the surf was very calm with few breakers except around the bars. Got fishing around 6 and on dads first cast of some cut jackfish he had a shark on the line. Reeled in a pup black tip around 20 inches. By 730 when he left to cook the previous days catch (2 mangroves, a red, a blackdrum, and a spec, we had caught at least 8 pup black tips between the two of us. I even managed to catch a whiting and a shark at the same time! After dinner I switched to some fresh dead shrimp and started cleaning out the whiting. Ended up with a nice stringer full. All in all the conditions were great, clear water up to my hips, small waves, and lots of fish. I think the best part was there wasn't a single hardhead pulled in! The trip was a success. Heading back out today, hopefully the same thing. Tight lines,

Jiggin Joe

7/26 PINS via Jeff Wolda and Padre Island Light Tackle Adventures - Tough conditions on the beach today. To say it was windy would be an understatement. Chris Wood and David Bensen fished hard all day and were rewarded. Water is starting to clead some bait is showing back up. The summer pattern should be back again soon! See you on the beach!


7/20 PINS lots of Sargassum - You can find the latest report from 7/19 on the website HERE

7/9 PINS Red White and Bluefish Report 7/4via Stinger A - Keep this short and sweet. Hit PINS about 6pm on the 4th, only stayed until 930pm. Driving was rough first mile or two with plenty if stuck cars at the end of the pavement. Crowds were in full force an I won't be surprised if there is a fire in the dunes tonight due to all the fireworks. Water was clear with very little new weed coming in. Tons of big whiting and a lot of blue fish were caught. I used a blue for shark bait with no takers, I didn't bring my kayak due to not having a partner helping me. Until next time....

6/27 Hot of the Press from the Friends of Padre Courtesy of Jeff Wolda filed on 6/26

Air Temp: 87
Water Temp: 80
Wind: 15 SSE
Waves: 3-4 ft
Water Clarity: North of the 20 is trying to clear. South of the 20 is still dirty.
Weed: Not an issue the length of the beach.
Driving: Still bumpy but improving from last week. Some 4x4 needed south of the 20. No road south of the 48.
Birds: 7 Curlew, 2 Marbled Godwit, 2 Tri Colored Heron, 9 Cattle Egret, 13 Black Skimmers.
The water on the north end of the beach is trying to clear and is noticeably warmer than on the south end. Current is ripping hard to the north due to the constant strong SE winds over the last 10 days. Did not see any bait the length of the beach. 3-4 foot blacktips are still showing up in the first gut in the morning. The offshore bird activity was impressive early in the morning at the color line outside the 2nd bar. Did not see anything come out of the water but the birds were working hard. If this coldwater upwelling goes away it should get good really quick!!
Had two illegals stop me at the 44 and wanted a ride. Made it pretty clear that wasn't going to happen and notified Law Enforcement. They were picked up shortly after.

6/21 6/19 24hr PINS Trip via CRMSN - When live gives you lemons! Report HERE

6/19 Father's Day Quick Morning Report via Bamared54 - Left the house around 5:15 and my guests for today were my dad, my little brother, and....... Drum roll please...... IMS!!!! Fished topwater a and plastics all morning! Had several blowups and fish on between the 3 of us (dad just watched) but only boxed 1 Jack for bait on a later date! Stan lost some big ones! Weed was STACKED from the 5 on! But we didn't go much further! I heard it clears up after the 10-15 but we didn't want to go down too far as we promised the wives we wouldn't be out long! Had a buddy that met us down there and after 20 minutes of fishing the surf he high tailed it to Yarborough! I will let y'all know how he did! The tahoe messed up while we were down there so that blows!

6/10 - 6/14 Father Daughter Trip Via Seanu21 - View the whole report HERE

6/14 Quick PINS Update from Bighead - "I hit PINS early today...hit the beach about 500 AM, and just started driving. When I could start to make out the water, I started looking, and behold, I saw a nice little pinch at what I estimate to be about the 22 mile mark.

Threw a 4" white/chartreuse tail plastic on a 1/4 oz. jighead and about the 4th cast, hooked up with a nice red that measured on the cooler at 23" long.

Shortly after I put the red in the box, I saw a shark in the wade gut that was an easy 6' long from dorsal to it had to be about an 8 footer...about the time it showed up, any action ceased.

I headed further south and about the 30 mile mark, saw a nice pool with a big pinch on the end, and then saw some action...figured this place might pay off, and it did. I threw a red head/white mirrolure 52MR, and caught two VERY nice trout that were also in the 22-23" range. The action stopped on the mirrolure, but I could still see the trout blowing up on bait, so I switched to my other rod with a red head/white body Super Spook Jr...and had MULTIPLE blowups, but no hook ups.

About that time, I saw the time and needed to pack it in to do some work today...and left to come home with 3 nice fish, a red and two specks, and the thrill of seeing a big shark up close.

Driving was easy, seaweed was there, but manageable. Water was nice, a solid 7.8/10 for clarity.

Pics coming soon to


6/7 -6/9 report via email from Ralph C - We hit the beach at 12:00pm, and drove down to mile marker 42, we were keeping our eyes open for breakers only within the first but, we found a spot that had an area where there was only the first sandbar and nothing past it. The water was blue and clear, had seaweed to deal with. We set up camp and then the first storm hit and it started to pour, with wind gust up to 30 miles per hour at times, we thought at one point our tent was going to be blown away. The rain and wind lasted all day and we could only pan fish and use surf rods only. We could not even think about taking large baits out. The surf turned rough and this lasted the rest of the day into the night. We kept getting rain showers through the night. We decided to turn in early and move to a new location, seaweed was too bad. Next morning we broke camp and headed to the end of Big Shell, (Port Mansfield Jetty). We arrived two hours later to a perfect location, No seaweed what so ever, we set up camp, and stared catching bait fish. At 4:00pm we took three big rods out, two of them baited with Cow Nose Stingrays and the other with a large whiting that we caught. My Daughter and her boyfriend were catching trout on top waters and we hooked up on some jackfish. I had one fish spool me out, never knew what it was, but there was no stopping it. It hit a TOP DOG lure, I had 300 yards of 30# test and I could not even turn the fish. All 300 yards of 30# test went with the fish, as soon as I had no line left on my reel all I could do was hang on to the rod and POW, it was gone.

We cooked steaks around 7:00pm and had a great meal, great camp location and waited for the big rods to go off. Around 10:30pm, my 80W Penn International started screaming. I'm talking SCREAMING!!! I ran this bait out about the same length of the end of the jetty using a Cow Nose Stingray with two large hooks. When I arrived to my reel, the fish was still peeling off line. I put my harness on and strapped the real to myself. Line was still being taken out and I counted to 6/1,000 in my mind and pushed the lever on the reel to full lock and ran back setting the hook to the fish. As soon as I set that hook that fish yanked me back towards the surf and I had to back off the drag. I decided to let my friend William bring in the fish, since he has never caught a large shark before. We fought the fish for 45 minutes and landed a 7'-6" Tiger Shark!!

I have plenty of pictures as well as video of the whole trip, I will make sure to put this on your website with pictures and video. We are going back to the Mansfield land cut next month.

I truly want to thank you for your helpful information you provided, Keep up the great work on your website.

Here is a picture of the shark attached. I'm the one on the right in the photo.


Ralph Candelario


5/28 5/24 - 5/26 via Hungerbuster - "Decided it had been too long since the last trip, so loaded up the kids and headed to the island. We got on the beach around 5:00 friday evening. Driving was great until about 19, then it turned SOFT, even in the ruts. Decided to just take it slow on the high road rather than get beat up going 15 mph down low and risking someone trailing off into the shell bank. Made it down to the high banks in about an hour and a half. Fished our rear ends off all day Saturday and along with 50+ hard heads (no joke) and a couple of Jacks, we boxed 14 whiting, a god sized pomp (!!!). The turtle patrol was out in full force and at one point we found ourselves joking about how many we were seeing. Seemed like such a waste of time and resources.

THEN we packed to head off the beach Got back to about 22 and there's a turtle patrol stopped in the surf. He's waving at me on the low road and I figure he wants me to cut over to the high road. So I do. Then he gets a little urgent with his flagging and I finally decide he wants me to stop. So I do. Then the kids start saying, "look at THAT HUGE turtle." Low and behold, a massive Ridley is literally coming up out of the surf. She must have been well over 24" in diameter. We watch her make her way through the low road and she cruises her way (at turtle speed).... into the first rut of the high road. She then proceeds to dig and lay her eggs...RIGHT in the high road rut, less than 2o yards from my truck. Now look, I've been an at times vocal critic of the turtle stuff on the beach...but that was down right cool. We watched her until she was done, and the turtle folks gathered her eggs, waived us around her back down to the low road, and we were back on our way.

A 20 minute delay, but well worth it. And the kids had a blast to boot. Plus I had a cigar while we waited, so it all ended up good.

Can't wait to make it down again. Anyway, water was relatively clear, weed was non-existant where we stopped (though bad to little shell, patchy-bad from little shell into the high banks), and the weather was absolutely perfect for the time of year. That said, when we went off the beach Sunday afternoon, I can safely say that in the 15+ years I've been going down island I have NEVER seen it as crowded from 15 to the pavement. Almost DOOR TO DOOR the whole way. In addition, the line outside of the PARK was WELL over a mile long. And the line from Whitecap stretched all the way to FREAKIN HEB in the bluff!!!

I said a prayer for all of those poor souls and had a scotch later in their honor.

Until next time..."


5/22 - 5/25 report from WHAT - Jacks, Reds, Whiting and Pomp Report HERE

5/22 Friends of Padre Beach Report via Jeff Wolda 5/21 -

Air Temp: 82
Water Temp: 78
Winds: 10-15 SE
Waves: 4-5 ft
Water Clarity: None, looks like chocolate milk
Weed: Only new weed on the beach in from the 10 north. Lots of old weed still on the beach.
Driving: Some 4x4 in the upper 20's. Rest of the beach is torn up and VERY bumpy. It took 5 hours to get to the jetties and 5 to get off.

The color line in the surf is about 200 yards past the 3rd bar. Runs straight down the beach until the 59 where it goes to the horizon. I'm not a shark fisherman but I'm guessing there are some big ones running the color change. It looks like it should be mid April down PINS. Thanks late season cold fronts.

Birding was minimal. The migration has just about ended. 1 Snowy Egret, 7 Cattle Egrets, 7 Red Knots, 19 Black Skimmers, 3 Tricolored Herons, 176 Black Terns, numerous Least and Sandwich Terns, 1 Caracara. Also saw 1 Coyote.

It's a holiday weekend and a lot of people will be hitting the beach. Make sure you do not drive over the weed or close to it on the surf side. A lot of the weed on the beach is dead and covered up by the sand. It creates sink holes that will swallow your truck to the frame in an instant.

5/21 PINS Report water remains dirty per webcam image above here is a 5/18 report from Magadorm - Posted: 18 May 2013 01:44 pm Post subject: PINS 5/18
Ended up being a waste of time. Got up at 0430 to beat the Beach to Bay crowd. Stopped off at a little hole and got about a dozen finger mullet in two casts. Then hauled supple bum to the island. Picked up some ice and dead shrimp on the way. The traffic was already starting on the island at 0530 as I passed Padre Balli Park, but I got through without much delay. Next stop was about 17 miles down PINS. Water was very dirty, about 3 inches of visibility and moderate weed in the surf. Put out a finger mullet on the big pole and then rigged up a small pole to try to get some whiting. Ended up catching 3 hardheads back to back and the big pole wouldn't stay out due to weed build up. So, packed it up and headed just north of the 15 mile marker. Same story there. Caught a hardhead and pole washed in, so I packed it in and headed to the 10 mile marker. This time I didn't bother with the big pole and ended up catching two more hardheads. Interesting thing though at the 10 or 15 I did have something grab my shrimp and pull hard. At first I thought it was some seaweed on my line being sucked into a wave, but it kept pulling. Ended up pulling the hook. After the 10 I then headed to the 8 mile marker and this time changed my 4 ounce breakaway weight to a 6 ounce claw weight to try to hold in place. It worked better but still not great. Caught a couple more hardheads. Finally, for PINS, I headed all the way to the 3 mile marker and tried both poles again. Same as before, nothing but seaweed and hardheads. By this time I was very frustrated as I had covered 14 miles of beach and the only thing biting was hardheads! So, I packed it in again and headed north to Mustang Island at the Fish Pass jetties. Threw my line in and hooked a hardhead... I headed home.

5/8 Friends of Padre Report 5/7 - Jeff Wolda filed this report for the Friends of Padre


Air Temp: 78
Water Temp: 75
Winds: 5-10 ESE
Waves: 1-2 ft
Water Clarity: Gin clear length of the beach
Weed: Little new weed coming in except in the 30's. Lots of dead on the bottom of the 1st gut length of beach. Dead weed will be an issue for some time with old weed being pulled off the beach.
The bird migration is still going strong on the beach. 11,069 Black Terns. 41 Red Knots. 1 Curlew. 1 Yellow Crowned Night Heron. 2 Caracara. 1 Peregrine Falcon.

17 Spotted Sandpipers. 5 DC Cormorants. 90 Blue Wing Teal. 900 Sanderlings. Lots of Ruddy Turnstones. 2 American Avocets.

1 Wilsons Phalarope.

Lots of bait in the water the length of the beach. Skipjacks could be seen length of beach. Small Jack Crevalle and Spanish Mackerel length of beach.
Driving conditions are excellent but starting to get soft in the high banks.

And Here's a quick report from South of Bob Hall Pier via Bamared54 - Report

4/23 April Martinez' report from 4/20 - April sent in this report: Hi, my husband Richard Martinez, caught this Jack Crevalle just after the 20 mile mark. In addition, he caught this 25" red and they were both caught using whiting as bait. The water was full of seaweed and tons of plastic. I, April Martinez, caught this awesome sack which we filled with all the plastic we pulled out of the water today. The entire sack contains only what we pulled off our lines and nothing else. And there was plenty more just floating everywhere. Hope you enjoy the pics!

4/13 Friends of Padre Beach Report for 4/12 - Report prepared by FOP member, Jeff Wolda.

Air Temp: 71
Water Temp: 69
Winds: 15 E
Waves: 3-4 ft
Water Clarity: Dirty length of beach, clearing in the afternoon
Driving: 2WD length of beach. Road above weed getting very bumpy. Some soft areas in the high banks.
No reports of Kemps Ridley nests. Birding was excellent today. 1 Reddish Egret at the 48. 1 Yellow Headed Black Bird at the 46. 1 Scissor Tail Fly Catcher at the 44. 1 Caracara at the 40. 1 White Tailed Hawk at the 34. 1 Osprey at the 14. 1 Shoveler Duck at the 8. 8 Curlew 70 Cattle Egret the length of the beach.
Sargassum is now in full effect south of the 30. 1st gut is full in some places with large mats coming ashore outside the 3rd bar. North of the 30 there is some new weed coming in and a lot of old weed being pulled off the beach.

4/10 Constant wind has water about to the dunes prior to today's front

4/7 Friends of Padre Report - Jeff Wolda is now a member of Friends of Padre and we will soon be putting up reports like these with pics on the soon to be revamped website at FOP will also be at Earth Day at Heritage Park this Saturday April 13th


Air Temp: 72
Water Temp: 68
Winds: 15-20 SE
Waves: 3-4 ft
Water Clarity: Green
Weed: 0-30mm has old weed at high tide line with little in surf.

30-60 new weed moving in with new and old at high tide line.
Driving: 2 WD the length of the beach. Some soft areas forming at the 17 and in lower 20's.

A small Green Sea turtle was found by turtle patrol on my way south to the jetties at the 37. It was missing its front left flipper. I gave the turtle patrol a bucket with fresh Sargassum in the bottom to take the turtle to the shack at the 39. Amos came and picked it up. No update on if it
made it.

Driving north from the jetties I came across a large dead turtle washing in at the 57. It appeared to have been dead for some time. No visible injuries such as a shark bite. Notified turtle patrol heading north at the 52.

There were very few birds on the beach outside of the regulars. Only exception was 60 American Avocet at the 46. Did see 2 Curlew over the 60 miles. No birds of prey.

4/5 First Time Report via Seabreezetwo - Here

4/4 April Fools Trips one via Shallowsport - Here

And BamaRed54 4/1 - Here


3/23- 3/26 via Seanu21 - Pomps, big ulgies , reds and a big bull shark - REPORT HERE

3/21 PINS report 3/18 via Hightide - I went to the PINS this morning not sure what to expect. Some 8 miles past the blacktop I ran into Zia. He told me he had been farther South and that all he had gotten were a few Whitings. With that information, I decided I would head back North for about 1/2 mile. I caught 2 Pomps and no more, so I decided I would go home. As soon as I could get a signal, I called my wife and told her I was heading home. She said she was out shopping and wouldn't be home for a while. That's all I needed to try it one more time. I was very close to the black top when I stopped. A few cast later and I had landed 7 Pomps, a 22" Red, a Sheephead, and 2 large Whitings. Threw back some Whitings and a Bonnethead shark. The shrimp I used was from HEB. I didn't use fishbites. I just wanted to see if it would work without them. I guess when they're biting they'll hit anything. While there, I saw this Heron feeding.



BamaRed54 got into some nice shark action also on the 18th Report Here

3/15 PINS Report via Jebsays - Full report HERE

Say What?

3/11 PINS Report - Today water remains dirty and rough PINS 3/9 via SilverTundra4x4 - "Water - chocolate milk
Bait - went to South Padre Winds - BLOWING!
Pompano - could only manage 6 in the pinch between MM15-20

Also landed 2 Bull Whiting - atleast 16-18" or so"

Earlier in the week we were plagued with back to back blows with two fronts and little fishing reported.

2/26 The Big Shell Cleanup - It was a huge success with more details later. Here are a few shots from Jeff Wolda

Meanwhile on Sunday Finonspins had a good assortment of fish with redfish, drum and pompano read his story HERE

2/15 Surf Update from Jeff Wolda - "Surf Report

It's been typical winter surf fishing the past few weeks. Every few days a new cold front dirty's up the water and just when it clears, another front hits. Weed has also started becoming an issue or more of a hassle than anything. Expect it to continue to increase in volume as always. LOTS of Portuguese Man of War washing in. Many are just the size of a quarter but can still cause some serious discomfort. Reds are still plentiful on shrimp and plastics. The occasional black drum on shrimp. Pompano are there one day and gone the next. Really need some time between fronts for the water to clear for them to show in force. Trout on swim baits worked very slowly against the first bar. You really have to grind it out but, they are there. Driving has taken a turn for the worse recently. Need another big cold front with strong NE winds to fix it.

2/8 PINS Update from Jeff Wolda -"Just to give you a quick beach update before you go down range. Driving is getting worse by the day. A week ago the beach was like a highway. Drove off this afternoon with lots of 4x4 from the 30-7. If everyone would stay in the same rut driving down the beach instead of all over it would make driving much easier. Weed starting to show itself but still fishable. Small front tonight shifting winds out of the north will bring some more in. Portuguese Man of War the size of a quarter line the beach. I'd strongly recomend waders just to avoid them. Pomps on the North end and reds on the south end. Trout have been on and off down south. Look forward to your reports! Jeff Wolda.

2/3 PINS report from FINSONPINS - Fished for a little while this afternoon and made stops at the 6&10mm's. Pomps were there, but the action was slowww. Weed wasn't a problem and the water was nice and green. Managed 5 pomps and a handful of whiting in a couple hours then headed home.

1/24 Zia's back down and Mary took some nice pics! - PINS REPORT 1/23 Here

1/18 Once again Ziacatcher's report South of Bob Hall - Fished SBH from late morning to about 4PM. For the first few hours The only bait lost was to seagulls attacking the shrimp on the tailgate. Between Dale and I, we had 5 poles out with various baits in various distances and nada. About 2PM tides change and so did the catching. I wound up catching 11 whiting but that was about it. Only poles touched were those with shrimp/fishbites. Cut baits of various types were not touched. Weather was nice and water was great, as was the company.

1/11 Just North of PINS via Ziacatcher - Mary and I met up with some friends SBH this morning. Was going to be more of a sit around and visit, with some fishing thrown in, kind of day. Water was not too rough but pretty churned up when we got there.

Although the water wasn't too nice the flowers in the dunes were!

For the first couple hours not much of anything was caught. Slack tide. When it started coming in, it came in with a vengeance. We had to move our rod holders and vehicles at least 5 times. Finally parking at the base of the dunes. Water started clearing up and we started catching some fish. 1 pomp, 1 24" red, a couple harheads and about 20 whiting. Kokopelli really enjoyed his whiting sushi this evening.

Rods rigged with finger mullet, cut whiting, cut skipjack, pig perch were not touched. All fish were caught on shrimp/fishbites.

This guy came for a visit so we kept him well fed.

12/15 Great time last weekend by Red and and his Dad - Check out his "Pompano Bar" report from the past weekend here

12/6 P1NS -Sent the last 3 days down the beach. Conditions changed every day with the passing of a cold front on the middle day. Made for an interesting 30 minutes Tuesday night about midnight! My tent cot actually came off the ground a few times with me in it. Caught fish each day. Reds and Blues on plastics and pomps on shrimp and pink fishbites. Weed is an issue south of the 35. Driving is still good. Water is trout green the length of the beach. Saw 10 does and 1 buck on the way down Monday morning. Arctic cold front coming in next week. It will soon be time to grind it out throwing artificials looking for those big winter time sow trout! Here's a pic of one of the many reds caught. He went 27 99/1

11/30 PINS - Between fronts fishing has been excellent. Nick Meyer of says when the winds are out of the NE the bait moves off but when the winds shift back to SE, the bait and reds and bluefish and pompano are there. Wind and tide looks good through Monday. Weed is present from the 15 mile mark south and fresh weed is thick from the 52 south but as you can see it is still fishable. Here is Jeff Wolda's group from Wisconsin from Padre Island Light Tackle Adventures 11/29.


11/15 PINS - Water had been to the dunes earlier in the week and back down today. Weekend looks better with two to three foot seas though NE winds will persist. Prior to the front and the high water. Sharks and Jacks were all over the place in addition to slot reds. Finger mullet and flies resembling bait worked well for the jacks. Redfish were caught on mullet and gold spoons. Here is Robdog with a fly caught jack prior to the front.



11/2- PINS - Pomps on the north end plus jacks and big spanish macks south of the 18. More sargassum coming in this afternoon. Here's a Halloween Report from Pablo


10/24 Towboat Trash PINS 10/23 - Went down the Island.

Surf blown out majorly, winds way above forecasted levels. Caught a few reds, and was lured away from fishing via dune explorational endeavours.

10/19 Word from Captain Billy Sandifer - "Fishing was poor then reported exceptional on 17 Oct. and dropped off yesterday. We may or may not go pre dawn this morning and will go Saturday morning. We’ve missed the Black Tern migration and this is not unusual. It is less common than getting them though. Jack Crevalle and Reds should start raising hell Saturday. Tides and driving remain high and tedious."

10/11 Ziacatcher is at it again 10/10 Report - Went to PINS with Mary this morning.

Pelicans flying at sunrise.

Guess where we stopped?

Mary left her footprint at little shell. About the 18.

When we first got there I put some cut bait I brought from home until the mullet started showing up.

Caught some mullet and the skippies were plentiful.

Put mullet on one rod and cut skip on the other. Cast out the mullet and when I went to put the rod in the holder it was completely slack. Started reeling it in and nothing. Was thinking how could I have lost my spider weight. Kept reeling it in then all of a sudden reel stops and line starts being stripped from my reel. 38" Jack

I then catch a 20.75" blue on cut skip and a 25" red on live mullet.

About 30 min. later I get a bend in the rod with skippie and pull in a clone to the first Jack. Another 38"er.

Re-bait with mullet and put rod in holder. Went and grabbed a beer and before I could uncap it I get a hit on that rod I just threw out. This one knew how to fight. It eventually took me out to the 3rd gut. Finally get it tin and it is a 40" beast.

Stayed a little while longer without much of anything but skippies and hard heads.

Mother nature's dune restoration.

About the 5mm I noticed the water in the wade gut and 1st bar was really black. I thought that maybe it was churned up seaweed. No! It was a 1/4 mile of shad.

Hoping that it was more than skipjack munching out I threw a shad looking spoon but nothing but ladyfish.

10/6 Jay and Coyote filed a report on Friday's conditions - Here

10/4 The latest on PINS from Guide Jeff Wolda of Padre Island Light Tackle Adventures - Spent the last couple of days down the beach. LOTS of reds if you know where to look. Water has cleared in the 40's and is now crystal clear the length of the beach. Still crazy amounts of mullet in the first and second guts. Driving is excellent the length of the beach. You know its good when you see a 4 door car headed north and you're at the 54! Lots of birds offshore early. Still waiting for that first cold snap!!! See you on the beach.

9/27 Sharkathon this Weekend on PINS - The tournament is sold out and unless you want to chat with participants I suggest fishing north if you want some space. Rain is in the forecast but fishing could be great. For more information visit

Meanwhile Ziacatcher got a couple of nice jacks south of Bob Hall Pier on 9/26


9/24 Trashheap's Pomp Quest 9/23 - "The tide was very high and the surf low, making it difficult to pick places to stop, but the water clarity wasn't too bad. The best points were in the 30s, but mostly occupied by the pre-Sharkathon camps. Watched on small group being torn up by a school of jacks near MP 30.

Fished as best I could while headed south, but found I'd left the Fishn'Strips behind, along with the gaff and measuring board. Got only hardheads, baby jacks and a single small whiting.

Beyond MP 40 the beach straightened out again, and the second gut became very wide. Finally wound up at about MP 48, where I caught one small pomp on shrimp among a ton of hardheads, so I started putting finger mullet on one pole. That produced a whopping smack and several runs, one of which was a tiny skipjack, as I assume were a couple of the others. Had a really nice run on the shrimp as well, to which I had added by this time a white wiggle-tail grub that sometimes catches pomps when the hardheads are thick, but when I reeled in the hook was broken.

Driving conditions were passable on the way down, and much better on the lower tide on the way back. There was a little dead weed in lower Big Shell and the upper 30s, but nothing to bother a long rod. Finger mullet in several sizes were abundant. Huge flocks of sooty terns were everywhere."

9/23 Epic Towboat Report Isla Blanca 9/15 - 9/21 - HERE

9/8 PINS Report and BTB via MakoMark - Did a quick trip to PINS and found a large school of oversized Reds. Only caught one but hand fun hooking others. Their was also a lot of sharks following the Reds one of which got one of the Reds I hooked. School went down after that and could not find them again. Sat met up with a few other kayakers and ended up with a limit of snapper and one Ling. Seen a lot of Kings caught but I didn't catch any my buddy ended up catching 3. Ended up being a fun couple of days.

Robdog's Fly Fishing Mansfield 9/7-9/8 - Tried to download a video. Hope it works. A few fish landed on the jetties. A drum sight casted in the shallows and Cuda loosing a red he sight casted. This also has the video of the landlocked drum he caught with his hands that had been shark bit. I am new at the go pro so most of the fish I landed just show up to the point they are pulled ashore. All fish where released.

8/31 Big Weekend at PINS Sobriety Checkpoint Saturday Sept 1st - DON 'T DRINK AND DRIVE - No word from down south mainly due to PINS beaches being closed due to Isaac.

Here's a report from Ziacatcher south of Bob Hall 8/31 - "After the Time Warner guy left I hit the surf SBH. All the mullet I wanted was caught in ankle deep water. Only thing I caught on them were 2 skippies that went 24" and 26". Nothing else.

Stopped at NPJ on the way home and was throwing soft plastics and bringing them back between the rocks. Caught 9 trout in about and hour but only 5 were keepers. It was fun just the same. Will not get on the water until at least Tues. after all the crazies go home."


And Another from 8/29 from Bmfdop - Made it to SBH just before noon, went down a few miles. Water was very calm. Visibility was very good. Water was slightly cool, but warmed up. Weed was present on the bars, but was mostly broken up and not a problem. Driving was a breeze. Tides must have packed the beach good. Soaked cut bait, gulp shrimp and fishbites. Caught the usual trash suspects, hardhead, skippies, pinfish and whiting. Caught two very large whiting, about 18 inches. Did have something make a good run but did not get hooked. No mullet present. Did see a bunch of shad jumping out of the water away from something. Here's a couple of pics of the surf. [img][/img] [img][/img]

8/28 PINS BEACHES CLOSED TO ISAAC - .. High rip current risk now in effect through Wednesday
... Coastal Flood Advisory remains in effect until 7 am CDT

* coastal flooding... long period swells will result in higher
than normal tides and result in minor coastal flooding during
the times of high tide along the Gulf facing barrier islands.

* Timing... the high rip current risk will continue today through
Wednesday. Minor tidal overflow will be possible during high
tide late this evening through tonight.

* Impacts... dangerous rip currents will be possible along barrier
island beaches of the mid Texas coast. The rip currents will be
most frequent and strongest near the vicinity of structures such
as jetties and piers. Both the strength and frequency of these
rip currents will result in surf that is dangerous for all
levels of swimmers. Rip currents are life-threatening to anyone
entering the surf. Tides are currently running half of a foot
above predicted levels. Tide levels are expected to increase to
1.5 to 2 feet above mean sea level during high tide Tuesday
night along the barrier islands. At 2 feet... water levels may
reach the dunes leading to minor flooding.

Jayandcoyotes South of Bob Hall 8/35 and Padre Island National Seashore 8/26 - Went SBH Saturday evening for some family beach time. I had one rod and a couple of spoons. Did a little digging and sand castle building with my son and decided to try the spoons. Caught a red that went 29.5" right before sunset. Red was tagged and bagged with only six days left.

Went down PINS Sunday morning. Tide was up and driving sucked. This pic was after tide was going back out.

Went as far as the 17 or so. Decided to turn back since the water looked better back north. Stopped at Y-Pass to get a couple of pics.

It does not look like anybody has crossed over lately.

Water at the 15MM.

Water looked a lot better around the 10MM after the tide went back out.

There were plenty of small whiting on crab or shrimp flavored Fishbite strips. I used a whiting for cut-bait and that got me a few skippies up to 24" that I then used for bait. That got me a huge gaftop and a snapped line when I was fighting a mystery fish.
I really didn't see anybody catching much or say that they caught much. I did see a guy that caught his pinky finger with a treble hook pretty bad. He said he was just going to yank it out.
I told my son I would post this pic from few weeks ago. We were "master/blaster" fishing for whiting.

Have a great week everybody.

8/22 Pins Report from MWJUST 8/27 - 8/19 - Finally made it down to PINS Aug 18,19 for the first time in 3 years.. Always seems to be something happening but with my son heading off to college this weeknd we just had to make time. Went with my wife and son and took our dog for her first trip to the beach. First 2 miles extremely crowded but driving was pretty good. Some weed on beach but almost none in water. Water was pretty with decent waves.

Driving was pretty good except for a few spots where people camp in road. Made it down to 21 miles easily with a few stops along the way to wet our lines. Was going to try Yarborough pass to cast net some mullet but it was way too soft especially since I had no one else with me to pull me out if stuck.

Our dog Wrangler loves the lake water and the beach was no exception. She had a blast fishing with us.

Never caught much most of the day except small whiting and a small pompano. Set up camp and fished with topwaters last hour of daylight. Caught a bunch a skipjack and a another small pomp. My son hooked into about a 2 1/2 foot tarpon that jumped once and broke the line. That last hour was a blast. Nothing like a topwater bite.

Woke up next morning to a beautiful sunrise(aren't they all when fishing).

Tried topwater again and caught a few more skips. Worked our way back up the beach stopping several times. Caught more small whiting and son hooked a nice red that came off right before landing it. Right before quitting for the day had a pelican dive on my soft plastic and get a hook in its beak. Twenty minutes later had another pelican fly into my line as I casted. Got both birds untangled and released unharmed. Decided that was it for me so I cleaned up. Son kept fishing a bit longer but only more small whiting.

No big fish but it was a great weekend. Just hope its not 3 years before I go again. Going to try late September but don't know yet.

8/09 Quick Report from Capt. Billy Sandifer - Driving has gotten a lot softer but is still O.K. Let's call it a 6 out of 10. It appears to me the total reason for the poor driving is a LOT of vehicular traffic during the past week. Sargassum is sporadic along the entire beach front. Some places not fishable at all; others O.K. Water color is excellent. In the past week the Dusky Anchovies have disappeared and with them at least 1/3rd. of the fish eating bird species. In my opinion this is not migration but simply following the schools of bait during a layover in migration on PINS. Good Curlew and Marbled Godwit numbers as well as Piping Plover. We only fish lures. 3 people caught 10 trout and 2 reds.

7/27 PINS - PINS might be a bit rough Saturday from all the wind lately. 3-5 foot offshore etc but supposed to calm down some this weekend. Towboat Trash called me this morning and said he could not buy a trout while fishing down there with his brother. Water was way cool down in the thirties also. Driving bad in the usual spots 18 to the 30.

A Kemp’s ridley sea turtle hatching release is scheduled for 6:45 am on Saturday July 28 at Padre Island National Seashore, on North Padre Island. No fee is charged to watch our public hatchling releases. However, sometimes hatching speeds up or slows down, so before you come to the release you should call the Hatchling Hotline at 361-949-7163 or check this Facebook page to make sure that the turtles are ready for release on schedule. If the release date must be changed, we will post a cancellation message on the Hatchling Hotline and on this Facebook page. If these have not been done by 2:00 am on Saturday July 28, then the release will be held as scheduled.
RELEASE DIRECTIONS: The release will be held in front of the Malaquite Beach Visitor Center at Padre Island National Seashore. To attend, follow park road 22 out to Padre Island National Seashore. No fee is charged to attend the release. If the National Seashore Entrance Station is open, identify that you are attending the release, and you will not be charged park entrance fees. About two miles after the National Seashore Entrance Station, you will see a hatchling release sign on the right and the large Malaquite Beach Visitor Center parking lot on the left. You should turn left there, park your vehicle in the large lot, and meet on the deck of the Visitor Center. A park ranger will meet you there to deliver a program about the turtles and lead you to the release site. However, the hatchling release sign and ranger will not be present until about 6:20 am.

At the release, you should not bring or eat food since it will attract gulls, and you should not wear white colored clothing or white colored footwear or take photos using a flash, since all of these will disorient the hatchlings.

7/22 PINS - Here's an article about PINS during a rare Monday session with Capt. Billy and Caller Times Outdoor Writer, David Sikes. ARTICLE What David failed to mention is that he got one trout I got three and a redfish below. Billy got well not as much :)

Driving is difficult in the Big Shell at high tide but then again it always is. There was more weed on the north end but only a bit. I have heard that south of Bob Hall Pier has been unfishable.

The shark fishing should have slowed down with the start of shrimping season on the 15th of this month. They hit the free buffet and leave the near shore at times. Redfish, ladyfish, spanish mackerel, trout, pompano and whiting have been caught recently.

There was a controlled burn on many areas in close so don't be surprised to see a barren landscape from the Bird Island turnoff to the restrooms at the end of the blacktop. The burn was done to keep that fire that started on the 15th from getting out of control. Lightning was the cause of that brush fire.

7/11 Texscrambler's 7/7 Report with the Double Gabby's :) - GO TO REPORT

7/8 Quick PINS update - We tested out the new old jeep on PINS Saturday. The entrance was really chewed up and the low road was completely blocked off by all of the parked vehicles for the first mile or two. Four wheel drive was needed in the way in but not the way out as many had left. We managed some skipjack and one undersized trout. Sargassum was light. We only went as far south as the 4. I saw Nickaway and Brenda and they picked up a couple of trout in a suckout north of us. As we headed off the beach I decided to check out south of Bob Hall from the sticks north to the pier. Much more sargassum was present and the wade guts were very shallow. There was bait in the first gut and I even saw a jack and some reds cruising along but nothing except for a few curious skipjacks wanted anything to do with my topwater. :)

7/6Weeklong PINS report from OZ -

6/27 PINS Report via Towboat Trash - Report Here

6/19 6/17 PINS Report via Seanu21 - Sean went down south and filed this REPORT

Sean also reported on the status of the Yarborough Pass Entrace


6/8 PINS Weed Down so is water temp - Looks like the sargassum is diminishing but there is a pesky coldwater upwelling impacting many areas of the beach causing the water to remain dirty in spite of lighter winds and surf. Generally fishing it difficult in the dirty water. You are lucky to get whiting and hardheads. There have been quite a few blacktips caught though for those kayaking baits beyond the dirty water. Driving is better in the evenings as the tide drops and of course always tough in Big Shell with the lack of rain lately.

6/3 Report from NaplesJohn - Late start to the day, got up read the paper, drank coffee, and then noticed wind was not blowing as hard as forecast. Figured me and the pooch would make a little trip down PINS.

On the way

The sign sums it up

Arriving at the beach, and the water is still churned up, though pretty clean green water was maybe 1/2 mile off the beach. It was a parkning lot for the first three miles.

Can we stop yet?

Well once I got down to about the 7 the water was still cruddy, and the driving still not so great. The good news is there was no weed, so now all we need is a few decent days to let the water settle and maybe thing will start happening. Lots of hard heads and only a few small whiting on shrimp and fish bites. I had one long rod out with a jumbo finger mullet, and was pondering calling it a day when the rod went off. Finally a good bend, and taking some line on my Breakaway LDX Fish took off to the North up the second gut in the strong current. Well up this guy comes, my first Texas surf shark, a feisty 36" blacktip...

A couple people came up to watch, and offered to take a pic w/ me in it, prior to a quick release. (thanks!) Though this one was relatively small, I can see why the serious shark guys enjoy what they do.

5/25 5/24 report from Towboat Trash - Weeds and Wind for the weekend and lots of Turtles nesting - 27 nested on Wednesday alone 87 have reported so far on PINS. Report

5/18 BEACH TO BAY THIS SATURDAY 5/19 PLAN YOUR TRIP OUT TO THE ISLAND FOR BEFORE 6AM OR AFTER 11AM. Weekend prospects look great in fact the sea forecast is 3 feet or below through Tuesday. Look for jacks, spanish mackerel and skipjacks if you see birds working. Try topwaters in those areas that will give you enough room between the mats of sargassum. Driving is tough in Big Shell and BEWARE of the rotted sargassum down low near the water it can be like quick sand. Watch out for nesting Kemp's Ridley sea turtles. So far 49 nests have been found on the Padre Island National Seashore.

5/10 PINS Report from Seanu21 5/5 - 5/08 - I could complain about the week leading up to this trip. If it could break on the truck, it did... that week. I was second guessing for the first time in 4 years whether the trusty Tacoma would be able to make the run. Got it all squared away Thursday at midnight for a Friday after work departure. I could complain about the seaweed and bumpy ride to the 30. I could really complain about the 2 boats at the jetty Sunday afternoon, both of which ran through our lines(think Red\Trout rods, not Shark lines deployed) as we were actively fishing them. But that was to be expected because I just knew fate was out to get me for making the journey and I was just waiting for the truck to catch on fire at the jetty.

Well, luckily no truck fires and I fought back. Weed from the 30-jetty tapered off to nothing and was extremely fish-able. Driving was good same area. Water was stained but not horrible w a killer color change just offshore. Fishing poles, whiskey and cigars in hand, it was easy to forget it all and just look out and smile. Me and some friends had met up down there to do some fishing. We got into the normal, Reds Jacks and Trout. We had a great time. One guy from work rode with me, and he's never been to PINS or surf fished anywhere for that matter. So Sunday, when everyone else left, me and him were staying til Tuesday. I decided time would be better spent running the beach in search of victims. Ran into some of the usual suspects out there, exchanged random beach info, and carried on. I found a spot that would make the sweet baby Jesus smile if he had just rolled up on it and that was camp Sunday night. Deep wade gut pinched off just South of us and a really deep 2nd\1st that I could cast into. Reds and Jacks on the low tide, then 2 cast baits at sundown for the incoming high tide. First reel to sing I told my buddy was gonna be all him so to be ready cuz it was gonna happen sometime that night. First toothy was at 10pm. Hooked up and reeled in.

4'10" BT on my 4/0. His first Shark.

2nd reel would be me. And what a decision that was. I cast the 4/0 back out, and I got hit at 3:45am Monday morning. Short run, thought the fish dropped it. Convinced myself I HAD to get out of the tent-cot and at least try to get the weight to reset. It reset into something that tugged back. So game on. My buddy was sleeping like a little princess in his tent and I figured just another small BT so I would let him sleep instead of watching me reel it in. A few minutes later, I got a glimpse in the moonlight and it didn't look normal. Finished up the fight and got my buddy up to take some pics of this one.

4'5" PINS Nurse Shark (check the leader)

From what I can tell, this is a rare jewel for PINS. It wasn't even on my radar of hard species to catch out there with Lemons and Tigers and Hammers still on the list. This is an amazing catch for me personally. It's been an amazing year really. Got my biggest Shark earlier in the year and my first Sandbar (same Shark) on the 4/0. Now I've got a Nurse on PINS (that sounds naughty) on the 4/0. I'm not the superstitious type but when I re-spooled the 4/0 at the beginning of the year, it was because it never caught fish and I had no faith in it so I was going to re-spool with some decent line so I could make longer drops and double as my yak Shark reel because I wouldn't cry if it went overboard. Now it is quickly becoming my favorite reel on a 12ft Ugly Stick. That's the combo and it's working for me. It really is showing up the 9's and 12. When I deploy\cast it, I no longer feel like that was a waste of time. Funny how something simple like line can take something from garbage in the closet and make it a go getter. It also has my biggest yak Shark. Faith in what your doing is how you'll catch fish.

My buddy ended up on his first PINS trip catching his first Shark, first surf Reds\Trout and first Jack. He had a blast.

Stop by and say hi if you ever see me on the sand.

Check out the color change


4/26 PINS Report from Towboat Trash 4-19 - 4/23 Epic with 9 foot Lemon - Caution heavy on pictures and intrigue! REPORT


4/23 PINS 4/23 - Lots of weed on the beach. Looking at the fabulous weather no matter what you "needed" to do you had to go to the beach. We headed out after noon and played around near the 4 mile area. Too much weed to fish the long rod. I ended up tossing topwaters and mannolures. No trout, plenty of mullet around and I got one small skipjack. I saw RArnold and family out there. Maybe he will report.

Driving was really bumpy not soft but you could not go very fast even 15mp at times without rattling your teeth.


4/10 - 4/11 CRMN - Report HERE

3/29 PINS via Crmsn 3/26 - 3/27 -But first! PINS has put out a press release saying that the 15mph speed limit will produce no significant impact therefor the speed limit of 15mph will be in effect now and in the future from March 1st each year until the end of the Labor Day Weekend.

Crmsn's Report


3/22 PINS via Ziacatcher - Mary and I planned all week to go to PINS today and spend the day. Got to the end of the pavement, stopped, looked for a place to drive. There was none. Went back toward north sticks and this is what the conditions were. And this was like a highway compared to PINS

Also, these guys were almost as thick as the weeds.

Did find some clear water with relatively little new weeds coming so we tried for about 45 min. Got one whiting and couldn't give any more bait away.

Stopped by Packery on the way home. Saw a few ovines being caught but more rocks were being caught than fish. Decided to go home and fish ULM.

3/17 PINS - More weed showing up but it was fishable earlier in the week and the water held fairly green. 3/14 was good for HRod2222 who reported good luck with his first time using Fishbites

Took the girls out to the north sticks for some sun and waves. People have been ranting and raving about fish bites so I thought I give them a try. Water was clear.
Caught a handful of whiting's and upper slot reds with a piece of shrimp and crab fish bites. I'm a believer and so is my lil helper.


3/8 Spring Break starts - Forecast looks bad until Monday but good after that. Sargassum is coming in. Be sure to watch out for hardhead spines when walking the high tide line where the red tide killed fish are buried. Here's a report from Tony Cortez fishing 3/3 - 3/5


My wife and I headed out to pins late saturday night from Austin, its about a 4 hour haul until you hit the sand. Got to yarborough pass about midnight and thought forsure since the winds were so calm saturday night I was going ot clean up on gigging flounder but had no such luck. It was still too murky I guess from the wind that day.
Drove over to the surf side at around 8:30am the next morning on Sunday only to see dark brown rough water. I thought forsure with that north wind it was going to be flat and semi-clear. Ofcourse Tonette and I fished anyway and turned out to have an awesome day of fishing! Put 5 pompano in the fish box along with 2 slot reds. We also caught and released one oversized blackdrum and one oversized red fish at 33", Caught them all on peeled shrimp in the first gut. The reds were on cut frozen mullet.
Monday morning turns out to be calm and clear and ofcourse we caught nothing but whiting. Packed it up and headed back to Austin around lunch time.
I realized this trip that everytime I go to PINS I always hope when I drive over that last stretch of pavement until you hit the sand that its going to be calm and clear and when it is I never seem to do that good, except on mackeral and skippys of course. But when its rough, dark brown water the fish bite always seems to be on. Good times this weekend...and Monday.


Tony's Drum andTonette's Pomp


3/1 Ziacatcher's Report South of Bob Hall and down PINS - HERE

3/1 Big Shell Cleanup Successful in spite of the weather Thanks to all who came out! - Weekend prospects could be okay with mostly gusty northwest winds to knock down the surf. Expect plenty of whiting, black drum, redfish and possible pompano if the water clears. Meanwhile here is a brief report on the Big Shell Cleanup check out the weather radar from Saturday morning on


Big Shell Cleanup - Done! It started with wind and rain and temps near 50. Rain continued until about 11am. 246 volunteers - about half the number but pleased with the turnout considering the miserably cold and wet conditions! I think we cleaned 8 miles of beach. Thanks to all of those who came to help out. Thanks to Candace, Roadkill Willie, Al, Rodney and the rest of the crew who served us chili cheese dogs and Domino's pizza. Thanks to Daniel Dain's folks for bringing out the pizza to the volunteers. Thanks to Ace Leal for the great job on wrangling, producing and getting the shirts and swag bags passed out to the volunteers. Thanks to David Ainsworth's crew for hauling trash and providing ice and water for everyone.

Thanks also to Todog15, Raiderred, James, Curtis, Kingkilla, Augs, David Spooner Webb, Clay Wernli, Jeff Wolda, Kevin, Mako, Oz, Porkfetus, Old Salt, Towboat Trash and hot date, Bizzy, CCBOBBER, Russell Yakmon, Fishinglady, Corpus Christi Chapter CCA, Rockport Chapter CCA, and the rest of you board folks I may be forgetting who showed up. Those there can tell you it was brutal but together we got it done.

Here is the weather radar from 6:43 yesterday morning stolen from Naplesjohn's Facebook :).



2/24 Big Shell Cleanup Saturday Feb 25th RAIN OR SHINE - I hope to see you out there and thanks to all of the volunteers who make the Big Shell Cleanup Possible! Meanwhile here is another in depth, inside the head classic Towboat Trash report from 2/16 - 2/19 HERE

2/20 NaplesJohn went down Sunday - He got into some nice pomps and whiting. View the report HERE


2/11 PINS Report - No reports made this week, a lot of that was due to the rainy weather. Prospects look wet and cold for the next two days though you should be able to get whiting, and black drum when the weather calms down. Driving is still lousy around the 5 mile area and this is due to currents and the makeup of the beach. Don't forget the Big Shell Cleanup is Saturday February 25th!

PINS Wants your input on a study and EA proposed for the Windflats on the back side of the island. See what Caller Times Outdoor writer, David Sikes has to say about it

2/2 PINS Report 2/1 via Ziacatcher - With the weathermen predicting light winds, temps about 80 and fog burning off in the AM Mary decided that she wanted to go to PINS for some shelling and fishing. Drove as far as the 20 and with the fog really thick and seeing several areas where vehicles had gotten stuck we decided to head back north. Driving was fair at the best. One of the worst areas was about 6mm where one of the oil rig trucks was stuck. Those trucks really tear up the beach. But that's another post.

Here is what the conditions looked like at 10:30 AM.


This was what it was like about 1:30PM.


Mary, with one of about 8 whiting and a pomp caught, about 2:30.


All we had was about 1 1/2 hours of sun all day. On the way back we drove SBH and the water was a lot cleaner. Was going to stop to fish it but was tired and winds were picking up so came home instead.


Other info for those concerned about PINS


Treasure articles from Padre Island

Sierra Club Sues to stop drilling on PINS

David Sikes article on Sargassum(seaweed)

The Caller Times published an article on 7/8/01 with the headline Kenedy Foundation comes out against Bombing Range - read the story here

On 7/4/01 the Caller Times published an article saying that without the support of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the bombing range proposal including the use of amphibious training on the National Seashore, is all but dead. Hutchinson said all along that if the locals didn't support it, she wouldn't support it. She received a five page letter from the Kenedy County Commissioners outlining their opposition to the plan.

Read the article

Below, you will find a list of names and addresses of politicians and civic leaders should you want to contact them concerning your opinions on the Navy Proposal.

Click here to read the first story that broke Bombing Range Story

Click here to read the second story which detailed the use of PINS to include aphibious training with three proposed cuts in the Seashore beginning at the 15 mile mark

Here is some great contact info for you to use should you want to comment on the Navy Range Issue or any other matter concerning our fishing resources.

Governor Perry
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428
Web: information/email/email_the_governor.htm

Carole Keeton Rylander
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Post Office Box 13528, Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711-3528
(512) 463-4444

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison [Republican]
284 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
202-224-5922 (tel)
202-224-0776 (fax)
915-676-2839 (tel)
512-916-5834 (tel)
214-361-3500 (tel)
210-340-2885 (tel)
713-653-3456 (tel)


Senator Phil Gramm
370 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-4302

Senator James Inhofe
453 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-3603

Texas State Senator Sen. Carlos Truan
The Honorable Carlos F. Truan
Suite 1E.14
P.O. Box 12068
Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711 4531 Ayers, Suite 402
Corpus Christi, Texas 78415
(361) 853-2693

Representative Solomon Ortiz
2304 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-7742 3649
(361) 883-5868 3505
(956) 541-1242

Richard K. Armey [Republican]
Washington DC 20515202-225-7772 (tel)
District Office9901 East Valley Ranch Parkway
Suite 3050
972-556-2500 (tel)

Henry Bonilla [Republican]
1427 Longworth HOB
Washington DC 20515

202-225-4511 (tel)
202-225-2237 (fax)
210-697-9055 (tel)
210-697-9185 (fax)
210-726-4682 (tel)
210-726-4684 (fax)
210-774-6547 (tel)
210-774-5693 (fax)
915-686-8833 (tel)
915-686-8819 (fax)


Lt. Governor Bill Ratliff
Capitol Station
P.O. Box 12068
Austin, Texas 78711
512 463-0001

Texas State House of Represenatives:

PINS Resource Management Division at (361) 949-8173 extension 227 (Ken McMullen).

PINS Superintendent
PO Box 181300
Corpus Christi, TX 78480-1300

Ron Kitchens, President/CEO
Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation

Gary Bushell, Consultant to Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce
Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce
1201 N. Shoreline Blvd.
Corpus Christi, Texas USA 78401
(361) - 881-1800
Fax (361) 888-5627

Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce
Melissa Longoria
Director of Public Affairs

Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce
Tom Niskala

Thanks for all of the reports guys and send pictures and I will post them!



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