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Fishing Reports and information for the Coastal Bend

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PINS 6/23-6/27
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Towboat Trash
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:11 pm    Post subject: PINS 6/23-6/27 Reply with quote

"Everybody I talk to is ready to leave
With the light of the morning
They've seen the end coming down long enough to believe
That they've heard their last warning
Standing alone
Each has his own ticket in his hand
And as the evening descends
I sit thinking 'bout everyman....

Everybody's just waiting to hear from the one
Who can give them the answers
And lead them back to that place in the warmth of the sun
Where sweet childhood still dances
Who'll come along
And hold out that strong and gentle father's hand?
Long ago I heard someone say something 'bout everyman."

Jackson Browne, "Everyman,"1973.

Howdy everyone. How's life been? Did you know ole' Jackson wrote many of his songs in his early 20's? Amazing for a man of his young years to express emotions that he never knew would intensify in years to come. Seems like summer is flying by at least for me, and so are the years. I turn 30 in 1.647989 months, and I just can't seem to get that idea around my noggin'. Just a few weeks back I woke up in my pitch black room on the tug to one tiny pinprick of light poking its sunny brilliance into my darkness from a pinhole in the window shade.... and I just can't seem to pull or throw or shake this memory from my mind. As every day has passed thereafter, the realization of my own age, the lack of answers to this life, and the unescapable truth that this life is what it is for me and so many others at this point. Our dreams of superstardom, of becoming millionaires, of getting a Nike named after us (for some of us hah), or just going one year without any horrific PINS environmental events such as red tide, droughts, freezes, etc. just may or may not ever occur. As me and Padre Island Old Salt discussed just two days past in the middle of nowhere south PINS from morning to late afternoon as the early summer breeze blew, we both never thought we would still be seeking answers to this life at this point, and be just as confused from our fishing to our futures, as we both are at this stage of things, being only 2 years apart in age. I won't name this man, but I have discovered I will fish with him anytime. And I won't guess about him, but at least for myself, those Demons just keep on laughing on the right, and as I look to my left for help, there's only the Naked Indians patiently watching my next move. And I won't even pretend to understand the emotions of my own mortality and my own aging in this life. And there's no escaping the fact now that I can't blame the way I live, and the 70 nights I spent on Padre's white sands last year on my youth anymore....has Isla Blanca grasped me, or have I lost my way?

So as always, I ran to the Island...

But before I could make landfall, I got a text from some friends at the North Sticks having an impromptu get together. So I spent the whole day bbq'ing, swimming, and fishing! Very Happy

And as sun fell, I realized I was watched intently from behind as two members of the Hawk family were sent to me from those old cottonpicking Indians to see what I was up to gallivanting around like a fool at the North Sticks while those Old Kronks waited for me down south to come and visit... Shocked

Thanks to Billy, I now study our constant winged companions, and what a freaking curse! I'm literally at work inadvertantly noticing wingspans and plumages! Argh!!! But I thank you Billy for taking the time to "deal" with some fools I know (hah, me?) by teaching and passing on your knowledge. I have never thought I understood myself much less you-but the more time I spend down south alone, the more I see you in me. Shocked

But these are Crested Caracaras, and they feed on carrion, and it was obvious that they were searching for such...

And as they flew off to the north, I saw how their species soars with such flat wingspans....


But like the birds, I am prone to wander....and it was high time to wander my sorry butt down to the South Beach where only modern day Indians and adventurers belong...

And the sun was setting, but I already knew to whence I would be spending such a fine evening.

But the beach was packed with mayhem filled and crazy partiers, and I quickly ran into my main man J-Clark. Hah! Laughing We ended up talking for so many hours in the dark about life, people dying in kayaks in the future during wild BTB nonsense trips, people's houses getting egged, strange clothing choices, jeez what didn't we shoot the fat on? And his whole camp was asleep the next time I looked around me. So I bid adieu and took my leave, allowing them some peace from my nonsense.

And it was deathly silent and dark and around 1am when I set up my camp. And in the humidity of the evening the only sound I would hear all night would be crickets and the "Ka-Sploosh!" of reds and trout feeding in the flats of the super high Laguna waters against the normally high and dry PINS shoreline....

But the morning sunrise was beautiful, and my fears were subsided as the stange "Raaaaawk" I had been hearing all night was discovered to be a rogue snowy Egret with an appetite that was unsatiable!

And as the clouds passed across those foredune ridges in the distance I was so glad to just be there at that point in time.

So I laid down on the Padre earth....and as I watched, a juvenile coyote appeared and watched me....and I listened to the squawks and grunts of the Herons and Egrets as they fed on shrimp and tiny fish pushed into the grasses.

But I didn't come for laying around, so after gearing up it was time for the Trident to finally see some bay action!!! Cool

So cool.....I haven't been messing around in the bays since the crackheads took over from Kate's Hole to Shamrock, ripping off everyone and everything they can. And it's not them I'm worried's what I would probably do TO them.... Shocked If you are a thief reading this....give it up. Because for some reason...what goes around comes around...and karma is a you know what. Shocked

No swells here!!

And my shoreline from a month ago was no longer high and dry. And I finally found my bird that woudln't stop going "Raaaaawk" all night!

And I headed to the top secret area I had planned for some months to fish!

And I found the old oil field channel of many, and followed it out towards the south of Baffin following it's markers. Cool!

And discovered a massive party going on at one of the spoil islands! Crazy!

And I just want to really go ahead here and say.....the bay is awesome!!!! All of you bay guys, I admire and respect everything you guys do, I personally have never done it besides wadefishing and yaking around Mustang, Kate's, and so forth. And as my beach rigs over the years have gotten more and more over the top, I can't AFFORD to have it broken into by some sorry #$^ fools that need to get jobs like the rest of us. So I have had to more or less give it up. But I love the finesse and precision with which you bay folks fish....and I have NEVER realized the solitude or the peace that comes from a day like this one, just a man, a rod, a long long wade and the fish. And the only bay guide I follow, Mr. Singleterry, I wondered to myself on this day, man...what would that darn Singleterry do right now? Heck, I am such a rookie in the bay, but what an adventure!!

And the lack of getting attacked by sharks and devoured was so great! I had a blast in that warm clear water!

So I took underwater pics!

And found something unknown....any bay guys know this area? Very Happy

And the fish were crashing all around it.

Man, what a day...and what an experience....

But for some reason, the "BHP" showed up! Haha...NOW OLD SALT! You "know" the meaning! Laughing

But I put "hands" on em and fought em

And man....was the bay higher than higher than normal...

And I met for the first time a man that goes by "Troutslayer," and boy was he the most friendly, great, helpful, and best conversator ever. I really enjoyed him as he took a break from fishing, and I did as well. And while we both had difficulty in "tearing the fish up," we both knew that we were where we belonged at that point in time. And I met his son, and was so glad that they both could have that time together fishing in the solitude that IS the back side of Middle Pins, while watched by the clouds above and the Indians to the East.... Shocked

And ya'll know me by now...I'm about a goofy son of a-son of a-son of I took a swim!!! Laughing I love the bay!!! Very Happy

And it was great!

And my latest addition to what I have hereby named the "S.S. Naked Indian" in placarding on the bow I might add was an awesome sight! LOOKOUT!!

Oh, the "beach-tardom!" Haha!

And I'll forever remember this day-I had so much fun just wading....going Island to Island.....throwing arties....meeting new people that didn't mind my prescence....watching rays dart underneath my yak 9 inches below me as I paddled or drifted along...

But as the day wound down, I became hungry, and it was time to head on back to the Island that isn't mine-as Billy has told me-it owns US, we don't own IT. And I guess I finally discovered what I have read the bay guys call "burning a flat?"

And of course I stepped in it, and boy was it deep into the bottom....

But I soon made it back home....and look at those clouds in the distance.....isn't that the most beautiful sight you have ever seen? Surely Louis Rawalt spent many afternoons thinking the same thoughts as myself on days such as these.....and thought I didn't catch ANY fish, man, that just dang sure wasn't what is was about anyway now was it? Laughing I love our Mother Lagoon and I love the Island....

But MAN, was it I cooked a burger and listened to the breeze blow while the sweat ran down my head and I watched heatwaves...

And I studied my latest and new bird book....the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America. Great book!

But the bay trip was completed, and it was now time to head to my favorite place of all! The beachfront! Surf rats unite! What!


And yep-the Tropical Storm in the Gulf had obviously been on my mind, but you all know me too well....I remain vigilant and willing for the beatdown..... Shocked
And when I got to where I wanted to be to chase large large LARGE June sharks, I set up my gear to run my baits.....

And I ran em. And guys and gals, look I know the pictures don't do justice, but I can promise you running baits was a mistake. As Albert told me the previous day from the pier where he just caught his 3rd Tiger for the year, "Bro-don't gotta tell you this, but be CAREFUL ok dude? Every 9 or 10 minutes or less we've got 12 to 14 foot swells just coming in sets of 3 or 4 apiece allright?"

And even though my yak is 13 feet long, it STOOD UP ALMOST VERTICAL once on the 2nd bar. And there's a difference between WAVES and SWELLS and you just DON'T mess around with pure unadulterated POWER like that. I got scared. I knew I had screwed up, and that I would get through those swells maybe....but getting back in under those conditions will push your body like a rag doll to the bottom, and you WILL NOT be able to surface and you WILL be shoved along down bottom.

When I was a young boy my brothers and I would constantly swim on St. Simons Island where we grew up on the Atlantic Ocean, and more than once I learned to ball up and just hold your breath, no panicking. The ocean has never and never will discriminate who it takes and when.

But I made it back in due to luck....a swell snatched me and I was able to use the rudder to make it to the beach. And as would be par for the course for the next couple of days, the might Gulf would then just calm.....albeit temporarily.....and be SO deceiving....

And thankful to remain well, I searched the dunes for vegetation using a new pamphlet from Mr. Jay. Thanks my man! It's a great tool. Sea oats....beach morning was all there....

But those Kronks just kept hiding from me....

But as I stood alone with my thoughts, I found the happiness that I left somwhere on this great stretch of solace exactly one month ago....

And as always, I knew I would be back to this place.....some things never change, and some sights will never fade from our memories....

But I was hungry, so dinner was SERVED! New York strip time!

But after the moon set around midnight behind the dune and I was left totally alone, no one on the beach but myself past the 30, I finally slept and my drops remained put, but nothing would occur.

And the sun rose eventless.

And it was beautiful.

And as I type this...I could almost tear up from this sight that makes me so happy, so proud and elated to have experienced this picture in real the smell of my morning coffee tradition wafted through the salty air....

And I hauled back, and decided to fish for a bit.

And believe it or not, I built a few crappy rods back in the day. But my style of rod building just darn sure ain't acceptable, stickers especially. Fill in the blanks on this one.... Laughing

And the storm kept pushing the water higher and HIGHER AND HIGHER. But I will never stop's in my blood since I was 7 years old. The tin roof shack on St. Simons Island, Georgia that was all my family could afford when we left New York was on a dirt road. And after school-we walked 2 streets to the beach down a shell road...and would find shark teeth.

Guess what?

Ain't a d@#$ thing changed!

Except the water...which was beginning to rise rise rise.....

Into the dunes....

But I threw those fat daddy topwaters anyway all around this point....

And fished some sugary treats to no avail....

And found some beautiful shells for being out of shelling season.....

But as typical for a shark fisherman, my hands were killing me, and I stopped what I was doing to look and saw the cuts all over them both....

Nice and infected....

And stinging like heck...

And this one hurt like HECK...

Don't even know what I did to get any of these.....

But the Gulf didn't care and began washing into the dunes every 6 minutes.....time for one of those hiding holes that Louis Rawalt knew about, and the Indians before him....

And while I paid no attention, a wave washed up and under the truck!

But the fishing must continue even as the waves crashed into the dunes!!!! And some goofballs never become normal, and surf rats will NEVER act right, whether at the nursing home or way down Island all alone....and I could almost hear one of those Naked Indians giggle and laugh at me over the howling wind....

But I couldn't tarry long, because the reason I CAME down Island during a Tropical event was upon me, and tonight was the night for what I came to do....

So I began gearing up.

What ya'll know 'bout that!

And I could feel those Indian eyes on me....wondering.....what is this white FOOL doing with all that CRAP coming back into OUR territory.....we'll get his little scrawny white butt after dark....put 'im on a spit and roast his half edible arse....

And were you there? Do you know that those old Karankawas were almost 7 feet tall? Were you aware that they were so fierce that the Spanish explorer of part of Narvaez' expedition, Cabaza de Vaca, was held hostage along with his men when shipwrecked on "Isla Malhado," present day Galveston Islaand nd. FOR SEVEN YEARS??

So while half of us drive around "representing for the hood" and annoying the other half of us with crappy loud music when in traffic, let's stop.....slow down.....and think about just what it took for us to even be able to populate this land....because those who were here before us wouldn't hesistate to basically smack a fool to the floor.....forget etiquette and manners....if you thought you were bad.....then heck, branch out Indian and put some whites into slavery....and THAT IS Naked Indian history.... Shocked

And those flats called my name....

And the deer watched me with suspicious eyes....

And I followed what HISTORY has documented to be an old Indian crossing back to the mainland....and I could almost hear the women in back carrying all the gear as those Kronks were wont to force them to do....

And I was finding shells a mile back in....

And over a mile back in....I came across what would MAKE my trip.....

Large caliber machine gun bullets/shells from the World War II training activites during the time the Island was closed to public access while the planes trained to protect you and me in this present day from our enemies while we drive around running over others in traffic and while some of us once again "represent for the hood" or some nonsense and spray paint everything in Corpus Christi and even run over my mailbox out in front of my house driving around drunk, those who came before us made the ultimate sacrifice that we would have the ability to act like idiots in present day times..... Evil or Very Mad

And I found more....

And as I held this bullet, I could feel the history, and I wondered, who held this or loaded this 30 years before my birth on this old Earth?

And I gasped from yet another find....

Stop reading this RIGHT NOW.....and give thanks and take a moment to think about our forefathers who stood up as NAKED INDIANS to FIGHT for you and that people like us, just everyday men and women....could inherit such freedoms....

And I could have the freedom to walk my OWN path in life, as do you.....

And I found Indian oyster shells....

And ancient Golden Cockles.....

And more bullets!

And my destination came into view...

Two miles back in.....

It was nothing less than breathtaking back there....

And this Naked Indian was so happy.....just to be in this place....away from every other human being on this alone.....and so happy to be totally alone and patiently still only with my thoughts.....

And I left my mark....

I stand alone, I make decisions alone, and while some hate me, some love me, and some could care less, I remain who I am. Can you say the same? I hope so, you deserve that. Forget your boss who gives you grief, forget the "respresenters" in traffic who eyeball you, forget those who wish you harm....stay STRONG-your heritage and ancestry is nothing less than explorers, immigrants, and discoverers...

And I set up camp for the night.

And cooked dinner, an MRE.

Thanks to my homeboy Jacob, my neighbor. As we wage and fight the good fight against the Southside trashcan spray paint gang....let us not only win but persevere as warriors of our poor Country Club Estate Posse. Who could never "represent for the hood" on top of this dune.

And I slept the night away, alone with only the silence that surrounded me like a heavy shroud of mystery and adventure....and I discovered peace in my heart, my soul, my spirit, and my mind....and as only the utter silence and total lack of vegetation kept me company, I stared and the moon and stars for HOURS.

FOR.....HOURS..... have you ever done this? How long have you been alive? Why haven't you spent...just ONE....night under the open stars? Do you want peace in your soul? Answers? Would you like to know you have so much greater than you around you, or do you NOT believe anything is greater than Justin Beiber, G-Unit, or Carrie Underwood? You should get out there under those stars....I promise peace and answers will come....

And the morning brought me stuck like Chuck right of the bat back at the truck. What the heck!!!!!!

But after two hours, I got the old gal out. I never been stuck yet, and ain't going to if I can help it. Was my fault anyway.

So what did I do? Go north, and sure enough, Padre Island Old Salt had just arrived!

So we had a long long talk....and as enjoyable as it was, it was soon time to run some really....really.....crappy and embarrassing baits. The shark gods should beat me for what I ran out..... Shocked

But the Trash was on the sand once again!

And...."representing for the hood?" Hah!

And putting up the victory arms!


And EVERY big gun came out!

And the mullet finally showed up and were jumping on me!

So I swam with them....

But night would fall with me and Old Salt sharkless....

And look! The MRE's even have a bacon and egg version! Drop it's hot baby!

And it became dark with no action yet again...

So I did a dinner repeat....

And once again spent my fourth night listening to Padre whisper her secrets to me in the dark wave by wave by wave.....and as sun came up joy filled my heart for such blessings yet again....

Are you saying you wouldn't love to wake up to this day after day after day?

What a life....

And since J-Clark hasn't seen a skippy caught YET this year (which is true to my knowledge and also STRANGE by the way) I nailed one with the cast net!

Here ya my homie James!

And the Mansfield Maulers would come by and cause myself and Old Salt to go into protect our lines mode....

But soon I had to pack up and jet off, because work comes too quickly for us all....
But the Nick remained mostly covered.

And I stumbled on my first Kemp's Riddle I mean Ridley....

Who was gone from this life....

And my camera was now dead, and I forgot the charger.

So here's an Iphone pic as I headed off of one of my beach finds.

And its new home....

And as I passed beautiful Green Hill, some call it Money Hill.....I stopped. To pick up that NASTY PILE OF CARPET that some piece of we all know what dumped there 7 months ago. And I apologize to the lone camper there with the short shorts. But after 5 days down Island I couldn't lift the first piece into the bed alone, it was so heavy with sand. And when I discovered that just THIS WEEK....some human GARBAGE dumped ANOTHER pile of carpet ten feet from the FIRST one, I apologize to you for letting you see my rage.

There's something Billy has taught me lately with some writing he has sent my way for me to read. You see....we all have one degree or another of death.....of us......

And ever since I was a little boy, I have felt like there is something wrong with me. If you pick on me a little bit fine....if you think I stink, ok gotcha.....but if I see another being hurt or picked on.....if the tiniest creature in nature suffers in front of me I see RED. I don't understand it and never have. But if folks cross the line.....there are those in this life who have NO IDEA the thoughts that have crossed my messed up mind....I hate it....but the gut instinct to destroy and strike out lethally has always been there. And when that wind blows down that dark and deserted beach oh so many night I pray no one gets smart on camp Towboat...because I am afraid of what is in my heart sometimes.... Shocked Now THAT'S real talk. Anyone out there ever felt the same way? Like to put that boss right where he belongs? You're a man aren't ya? Those doggone Naked Indians wouldn't have hesitated lemme tell ya.... Twisted Evil

So I apologize to you sir, and also to the Park, I just couldn't lift all this carpet and had to leave it at the dumpster. And I will put this out there. I seeing whoever dumped the 2nd 30 square foot pile. And I notice EVERTHING.

And the story's over now. And I wish I knew then, what I know now, but a man will NEVER grow in this life without pain, without suffering, without what we fisherman like to call "putting in your time." And if you are new to this sport, lemme help you. It's not a sport at or for all. It's a lifestyle. Down here in south Texas you don't just do it. It's lived. Your friends, your enemies, everyone goes through this. You can do it once in a while, or it becomes your identity. It's who you are. And before Billy's books I used to feel awful-but there WWII servicemen, then Coastie Beach patrols, then Wreckers, and before them then there were ranchers including Padre Balli, Singer, you name it, DUNN.....and before them there were the Union Soldiers of Zachary Taylor, and before them, blacks that escaped from present day Mexico to a place called Slave Island, on Padre...that were eventually joined into the U.S. Army....and before them....the blockaders....the pirates, including Jean Lafitte....and before them...the Balli's, and before them....the Kronks.....

Do you understand this timeline? If you feel called to something....who are you to say or think that isn't your place in history to inherit? And when you die, do you want to be remembered as the accountant at Frost Bank if you're not happy? I say....I chase your dreams and your heart's desires even if it leads you into Naked Indian Territory.

Sorry for the lack of fish folks. Do I deserve to catch 'em? Nope. Do we want immediate gratification and appeasement in this day and age? According to my Grandma, we do. I tend to agree. The storm threw things off, but I knew that. All I ever ask is for eyes to see and a heart to learn what Padre will teach me.

You all take care, ok? It's crazy out there in the real world. Watch out for every fellow fisherman you encounter, take care of eachother, take care of our sport, our fishery, our beautiful resources, and your families. As we live, as is our legacy left.

May your lines stay tight and as always, may your fishing not be catching, but learning and experiencing along the way...

Till next time...

Protect Padre at all costs for future generations to use and enjoy and never forget our freedoms aren't free.
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Full Grown Flour Bluffian

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Killer report man, as i was stalking reds in baffin i was hoping you were on the beach this week with the weather for those of us who couldn't make it that way....finding those bullets out there was awesome! Surprised ya didnt head out to a rig with the surf down amigo!
ltorna1 wrote:
I can just imagine a prehistoric nomadic version of AcousticTennis, padding around in a dugout canou with long unkempt hair (not much a stretch lol), catching drum on some 3000 BC version of fishbites.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As always, that was and awesome post Towboat. Definately the best "no fish catching report" I have read. I am off all next week and informed the wife my plans are to fish and I may be off the grid for a few days. Your post inspired me to do something a little different than the norm. Now I just have to come up with what that plan is.


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great report Towboat. it was a pleasure talking to you out on that flat as well. that was an interesting place to find a group of camping especially with those young kids.
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Horse Mullet

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

good seeing you again Collin!

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome report and photo's. And I sure need a trip like that to get my thought's together. My fishing partner of over thirty year passed away with cancer today. Thanks for sharing.
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Full Grown Flour Bluffian

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I knew it was about time for another chapter. I enjoyed every frame and word as usual. Can't wait to read it again in the morning on a real screen instead of this phone. You are living my dream on that beach! I apreciate you bringing us along!!!
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Full Grown Flour Bluffian

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i treid to view this report about 5 crashed my computer each time...
since my power supply got fried last night in the storm i am using another computer, finally got to see it, glad i did!
this report hit home for me
dude you are way hardcore, thank you for sharing you adventures..

stand alone, I make decisions alone, and while some hate me, some love me, and some could care less, I remain who I am. Can you say the same? I hope so, you deserve that. Forget your boss who gives you grief, forget the "respresenters" in traffic who eyeball you, forget those who wish you harm....stay STRONG-your heritage and ancestry is nothing less than explorers, immigrants, and discoverers...

this was my favorite bit...keep liven life man Cool
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Pony Mullet

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That was an awesome post and very inspiring.
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Full Grown Flour Bluffian

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great pics and report. Very Happy
Fishing and Kayaking its a rough life but somebody has to do it.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As always "Towboat" tells an amazing story with great pics and prose....Nice report thanks!
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Flour Bluffian in training

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great trip log TBT!

After several days of beans and MREs I'm sure the Gulf breeze wasn't the only wind blowing. Wink
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Finger Mullet

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

awesome. thanks for sharing.
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Horse Mullet

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is just...perfect, Towboat.
Thanks so much.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pretty cool reading your reports, lots of high quality pics and great write up as well.

jc wrote:
good seeing you again Collin!


Does it piss you off seeing his pics of the surf how nice and green it looks there at toward the end? I knew it was clearing up as we headed off the beach but what can you do, right?
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