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PINS 4-19/4-23
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:37 pm    Post subject: PINS 4-19/4-23 Reply with quote

"Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you." (Job 12:7-10)

Whatsup everyone?! Hope the passage of time has been well for everyone lately, it's been a while since my last trip down Island, but here goes nothing. Before I begin, I just want to say that the last few months, and indeed, the last YEAR has more than shaped and changed our fishing community. Why this year? I don't know. But we've lost a great caster, Jerry Valentine. We've lost a fellow old timer, and someone to was only EVER wonderfully kind and inquisitive to me, a true listener, and a great friend, Jim Moyer. My dear friend Ralph Wade also fell upon some rough times, but like always, remains about ten times tougher than my supple bum could ever manage to be and is doing just fine recently, as evidenced by our last visit to Golden Corral for lunch. Very Happy Also, Allan Lee, passed not too long ago as well. Allan was a fireball of a guy, and I'll never forget him learning how to skimboard last summer at Bob Hall.... And last but not least, my good friend and "invention-mentor" Mike Daugherty has fallen upon some difficult times healthwise as well. And I might as well mention, I was involved in an awful wreck in Houston on the "Why-45" as soon as getting off work, got out of the truck and stomped on my cotton-picking 200 dollar plus Costas as they fell out the floorboard and was then flicked off by a passing motorist. But before a random lightning bolt could strike me, I got sick, and then re-tore out my right knee's ACL while down Island. SO. Why are these things relevant? My situation just flat isn't. But my friends are. Because somewhere along the line I heard somewhere that the first sign of a civilization's foretold by the lack of consideration and respect for its elders. And mostly because these were and are mentors to me, and are good people. So when I took Ralph out for lunch and saw teenagers laughing at him, making fun of what he chose to wear, and looking at me like a freak for taking someone out so obviously "uncool," I pretty much about got us thrown out of the doggone place. And I'm GLAD. Ralph is a freaking WAR HERO-not a rap star, not some knucklehead on MTV, and not the latest "cool" wearer of those freaking "EMO" pants. Which by the way, should be illegal. But he deserves respect. I'm glad he didn't seem to notice.

But enough about all that, after spending my off time last month at a mandatory work event, I had been building up enough "beach steam" to not only refloat the Nicaragua but sail her behind right back into Mexico to drop off those guns she was rumored to have been smuggling. Laughing And maybe just get the old gal a new coat of paint. I had been planning a spring trip for a while, and have pretty much figured out and discovered about myself that there isn't much else that I care about anymore but that Island. Forget the bay, forget spring break shenanigans at Booty-Luby....and forget hanging out at Club Macaw looking for hotties and avoiding random shankings. The beach and all its brutal savagery awaits, and unfortunately it calls my name daily.

And this picture that has been stuck on my desktop for two months since the late great "get pneumonia 50 miles down the beach and become delirious" trip hasn't helped so much either. Maybe I should wear these not so cool boots and Dickie's to "Da Corral" next time me and Ralph go. Laughing

But like usual, before I could go, other items had to be tended to, and a project months in the making on the Dodge had to be completed. And business in Houston to be tended to once off work.

Welcome to where I never....ever....ever....ever.....ever want to be again at 530 on a Friday afternoon.

But I made a first time trip to Austin Canoe and Kayak of Houston, and darn-those Houston dudes have every accessory right at their fingertips! Down here we have to make all that stuff ourselves! Lol!

Where a young guy working there asked me....are you one of those "PINNY guys" from Corpus that "does" the whole "like go out off the beach in a yak to shark fish and like live there and stuff?" Lol. Ahh, the fortunate. I told him, "Ask no more questions, you don't WANT this bug man...."

And a suit was donned!

And finally home at last and able to prepare extremely last minute for another crappy weather window----I found a tank for potable water that would fit after searching for months. 31 gallons of fresh water here I come.

And with a wash down pump from the "break the bank" West Marine-I was ready to rig this sucker for 31 gallons of water to soak people, animals, random attacking racoons, vicious naked Indians, whatever would come my way! And yes, it took a whole pot of coffee to deal with this rigging and wiring aggravation.

But I still remained laughed at by the girls at the traffic lights because of the model of rental I was please, this thing was TIGHT! Town and Country rocks...they need a four wheel drive version though...

And my best friend and partner in crime, "Max-Attack," remained indifferent to life in general, because for SOME reason other bulldogs have told him the beach is ruined because of the weed and unfishable and there aren't any sticks to find and run around with, and no random animals to on he slept while I prepared to do weed battle all by my lonesome....

And my homeboy Alberto went ahead and got himself a "new-do." Darn I love this guy! A man after my own sense of humor, adventure, and to heck with others if they don't wanna laugh and live life to the fullest! Lol....all in one "hairstyle" eh?

Hey-----this was FIANCE approved too! "BHP 4-eVVVVVVVer!" That ones for you Dig. Laughing

And it finally became time to roll out, tired, unrested, unfed, forgetting things (as usual) but hey----when the sea calls----we heed the call and we ROLL OUT!!!
And I left the memory of that Houston skyline behind....and headed for the great unknown all by lonesome, just the way I like to....and like every time before this one for years and years of my life....seeing this sea stretch before my eyes as I pulled up over the ridge onto the beach felt like being born into a fresh new world, and given another chance to do everything all over again in this life...

And as usual, a man of the sea feels a sense of peace....happiness....and ADVENTURE when back on his beloved ocean once again.

Meet my MOST hated reel. Lol. But doggone, isn't it pretty??? Daiwa Millionaire Classic baby.

And some FOOL ran out in front of my truck and did this! And was almost run OVER! Tool! Geek!

But time and tide wait for no man, so OFF I would go, on high tide, which by the way has been lasting all day every day. And I do mean ALLLL day.

And my first whiff of the weed brought back SO many memories...of adventure, of freshness, of newness, of the life that spring brings after a long winter, and of the unknown of what was to come!

And being from New York, the grandson of immigrants, I went ahead and got back to my roots by making some snowmen in the weed! And almost took a nap until a bird landed on me. WARNING---do NOT think you are safe napping on the beach....but we'll get to that later.

And while wanting to do my latest hat trick and start north and work my way south as days went on, I knew that was impossible as the beach was UNFISHABLE into the high banks and beyond. Look at this MAT of weed....imagine the fish in and under and around it....but yet again...we'll get to that later.... Twisted Evil

And yet again, I found my sacred places destroyed by some @#$ that respects nothing! I tell everyone what-I hope I never see something like 30square feet of carpet being dumped in the dunes, or the least of those folks' worries will be a ticket. Unreal.

But mother nature was stronger than any carpet pile...

And yet again I was astounded at the beauty of this stretch of preservation for all of us that we are so lucky to be able to experience.

The freshness of spring was amazing.... know....there were some island folks from over 50 years ago that documented in writing spending a lazy day at the beachfront in front of their beachshack here in this area when a plane flew over, dropped a bottle and note saying "storm approaching." The sky turned dark and massive swells and rain began hammering the beachfront, slamming into the dunes themselves and swamping the Island with seawater. They survived by clinging to the back of this dune and by praying for survival. These thoughts and others crossed my mind as the breeze cleared my thoughts of the "real" world away...

And I spent just few precious minutes out of my journey south to reflect, and once again....feel that sea breeze blow gently across my world weary soul as it soothed my spirit and refreshed my love for such a place...

But soon thereafter as I journeyed south in search of less a weedy fury was summoned forth yet again as the world that I hate reached out to slap me and the Island across our collective faces....

And I tell you guys what-I understand this stuff...where I grew up every hunting camp, every shrimp dock, every ditch on the side of the road looked this way. But why...why Padre? Better hope I NEVER see this occuring....ANIMALS.

But soon enough, still seeing massive mats of weed, I ran across what I like to refer to as "Kevin's tree." Lol. Kevin will know what I'm talking about. You Zodiac rope- wielding tree-towing man you. Lol.

And it reminded me....that all things in nature are full of so much beauty, even this simple tree. And yes, even this weed.

Would you disagree?

And the weed went on forever and the ruts never ended....

But right there just at that moment in time...there I was....just a naked Indian...with not a care in the world....

And while I'd love to share this "turtle-wax-caused" backwards beach reflection with you guys....I also shout out to heckuva great guy, a lone sharker like myself, and owner of leaders. Darn does he make some good stuff....sorry I don't order much bro, but I'm always and continuously breaking off, losing 'em, getting 'em bitten off, you name it! But isn't that beach reflection cool?

And soon I came across a replacement for my Trident....but there was no WAY I was gonna be able to load it up on the roof rack alone....

And as I journeyed into the timeless abyss yet again in search of weed mat free waters...a pretty darn good tune came on the jukebox. Fist City anyone?

And a question for Billy arose.....what is this bird?? All trip long only one a day would appear and even go so far as to dance around my truck bleeping at me. What what what? As always, Padre remains such a major stopover for so many species of birds during their migration periods...darn I'd love to have more knowledge of these things.... Evil or Very Mad

Just migrating myself in this life...

And as always, I read signs, and had open ears to hear what the Island would choose to tell me. And sure enough, this poor beast was obviously no longer of this life.

And as always to one with open eyes and ears to hear... the why became you SEE the shark bite out of his ENTIRE back half????!!!!

And NO-he wasn't happy about it.

"Anybody seen my tail??? Can't seem to swim a straight line, and no, I ain't drunk..." This remained a sign to me. And I look for signs everywhere on that Island. The bulls were obviously in the surf, and at least to me....this confirmed my prior theory that big Uglies lay in pockets in those High Banks letting bait just come to them, and draw the sharks. Let me ask you this? If a fisherman, or a sportsman, DOESN'T think this way, ponder these thoughts in his/her head....why bother going down that long stretch of sand to do business? I know this-the Island will teach one if we will listen.

Sharks ain't nice....sharks darn sure ain't pets....and they do what they were created to apex PREDATORS.

So I watched the surf as I always do, and decided to give you guys a view of my super strong binoculaur view.

You're seeing offshore through the lens of my binoculaurs...

And soon I realized there WAS no fishable beach....long rods, short rods, shark gear, etc etc I stopped at my tower washout to think, plan a strategy, and see what has changed on my back dune field since the pneumonia trip....

You're viewing where the last major hurricane washed into the Island years back. This isn't a pretty place. It's a place of unimaginable fury, of waves, of destruction....but yet peace at the same time...and the shells? Amazing...

What beauty.....

And sure enough...."El Landmarko de Mexico" remained....

So I may have well gotten a I did.

And the southern end of the beach was STILL very weedy....

Now HERE'S where it gets weird. I've lost pics from this time period. But GOOD RIDDANCE. Too many anyways! Lol.

But I basically ended up at the "Trailer Park" to attempt to check conditions and check for a bait colony hanging out around the rocks. And I was rewarded sure enough. With a pretty good injury. As I hopped down the ledge, I put too much strain on my right knee, which has a torn ACL from Gloucester, Massachusetts high school's basketball court. "Big Tuna?" My behind....big INJURY rather...and I ended up lying on the sand crying in pain....this was NOT a good way to start a trip, end one, resume one, whatever. The pain was unreal. I felt like my right knee had been ripped apart by two wild horses tied to it....has anyone ever experienced this type of injury??? This type of red hot pain???

As the sun the birds flew life went the minutes the world kept right on turning round and round....I realized the damage done to myself by my own stupidity....I crawled to the @#$! truck and pulled myself inside. And for once...definetely did NOT feel...."RAM TOUGH."

But as always, we will now or later reap what we sow, and the show must go on. And besides, after actually finding some quality mullet schooled up, my aerator chose this wonderful time to crap out, even though the darn thing is only 4 months old!!!! 90 Bucks of HOGWASH!!!!!!

I headed north for a promising area for the night. I liked it, and it smiled back on there I would go.

And I wasn't born to lie down and die right I waited until I could walk, and I rigged up some of the biggest....nastiest....knarliest....and disgusting, stank, rank, butt-nasty baits to ever be run (well almost) and crawled that freaking yak to the water and did what I came to do. Put baits between bars. It's THAT SIMPLE. Nothing more, nothing less.

And after dinner and nothing at all occuring, I somehow got into my tent cot, and almost cried from the pain in my knee. And I slept....but had dreams that shouldn't ever be repeated, nothing new on that beachfront....

And Max remained asleep as well...

And as soon as the sun rose, so did I. And began hauling back weeded out lines. Unfortunately, my knee couldn't hold up to the stress of my Braid harness. After getting two drops back totally, utterly, completely, destructively, and hopelessly tangled, I started for the 3rd one. Which would be the turning point. As I pulled the leader and weight back in by hand as with the other two....this one felt HEAVY. Realllllllll heavy. Huh??? I kept pulling tug of war....and eventually saw a very very very SMALL dorsal break the water's surface. Crap!!! Shark on!!! 30 minutes later, and a pair of Pelagic gloves later....I had this guy on the beach.

And boy.....was I happy!!!!

What causes us to chase these beasts? Is there something wrong with us inside? Why are we attracted to these eating and cutting and killing machines?

For ONE REASON. The three minutes we spend with such a never before seen, magnificent, and BRUTAL creature will forever stick in our minds and our hearts. Taped out at right at 9 Feet even. I've never seen a shark this big, and "smiled" even with its mouth closed. And boy did it look OLD with cuts, skin quality, tears, and row after row after ROW of teeth!!!!

And because it becomes a part of us, to interact with such wonderful and yet not understood creatures.

You tell me? The places she's seen, the dark nights at the bottom of the ocean in utter silence. Have you dove? Have you experienced the heavy weight of water upon you? The cold? The silence? The weight of all that water on your body? Who knows the places she has been....

And the release was brutal. With a right leg useless I pulled my shark back into the water and swam her....and swam her....and swam her, until she tail kicked me....and with a mighty heave she headed back out for open oceans straight back across those nasty bars like Gangbusters. What a sight, a grin plastered on my face as I whooped victory at another successful release.

But for what we work for, we pay the price. Topshot on left, cable on right....

But what a day it would be....

But Max slept on....doggone rumoring bulldogs about the weed....

It was nothing short of AMAZING. After a 4 hour unentanglement of all my lines in order to save as much braid as possible, there was nothing less than thousands of mullet and baitfish that I've rarely seen in the surf on both bars out to the 2nd. Unreal. And water gin clear.

And the long awaited catching began.

Over and over.

The reds were literally able to be watched as they swam through 1.5 feet of water 15 deep eating mullet as they swam. RIDICULOUS!!!

Beautiful. A beach fish, ready to attack, be attacked, swim like H@#% or fight like it.

And yep, an occasional hardhead!! Lol.

No more red tide here!!!

And soon enough, as to be expected on the Island I love so much-the conditions would drastically change. A storm was coming, a nasty one. Rain, gale force winds, hail, and high water was to be expected. My peeps at the turtle patrol would stop by and warn me. Thanks Alicia. Only one other camp was down Island and had just arrived from out of town. Had NO idea what the NWS or NOAA even was. And wouldn't leave. Me? Lol. Been there before. I expect this stuff. As Linda and I were talking about on Friday....we expect this stuff from the Island.

And as for the turtle patrol? I am so glad for them trying to watch over me. Not only have so many of them been friends of mine from last year, but they aren't armed.....and believe it or not, as the sun is rising and setting they patrol that beach on those little buggies. They have only a radio. It's not easy I'm sure to sit on that jostling bumpy buggy all day. And while there are many mixed feelings about the direction and effectiveness of the program, the fact remains guys have screamed nasty things while I've been standing there talking to the female buggy drivers. Please. Grow a set fellows. That's not how fisherman and lovers of this Island want to be represented.

And the front whipped through, the winds shifted....the spray began in the surf....and the animals hunkered down, but what about me?

I looked south and saw beauty.

And looked north and saw suffering and the typical PAINFUL BEATDOWN.

So I hauled Arse. Hahaha....right into it.

But before I could go, I snapped some shots.

Check out the cool southern...and northern (in the side mirror) shot.....and yes that darkness is real....and it was gonna be NASTY!!!!

But I know how to have a good time!

No matter what!

And as I hauled butt right into the hail, rain, lighting, and wind, I looked south and saw the front making its way through the Island like the City Council running over the citizens yet again at yet another Schexnailder nonsense real estate deal/make someone rich meeting....YEP I said that...

And it got cold, and the wind came, and so did the rain-and I was afraid. Afraid of the hail, and also afraid of the tornadoes that Alicia at the turtle patrol had seen forecasted in our area. If there's anything I remember from shrimping, it's the freaking waterspouts. (as a tornadoe is called over water) It's nothing nice folks.

And they can tear anything to pieces over the water, or near it.

But the fear is good. Not only because it reminds us that we are only puny and pathetic little beings in this big old world, but because we take this life, the day to day chances, and our strenth, intelligence, and ingenuity for granted EVERY DAY. We were created so ingenious and so wonderful. So why don't we all use those gifts, not shelf them?

So I found the location I thought to be right, and I got out and guessed it....rigging baits. Guys....I don't condone my actions. I want you all to know that. Anyone reading this that thinks I'm nuts, well, you're probably right. The fact is, that I have no family of my own, I am still relatively young, and this sometimes isn't my first rodeo. I could have died while running baits in the rain with lightning striking offshore AND behind the dune line. And I acknowledge that. But if I did-then I lived my life how I wanted-and on my terms. And how I grew heroes lived their lives the same way day after day. And I'm okay with the afterlife. Isn't that a strange thought nowadays?

And it was strange out there....the waves were confused...the rain was falling like golf balls all around me....the lightning would strike out over the massive Gulf of Mexico....and I would hear the thunder. But I was happy. In fact, I was so happy. Just to see the beach like that. Just to run baits in that. Just to maybe just maybe glean some kind of knowledge from those conditions that so many never see. And the fact remains....that so many other cultures EXPECTED their young to achieve something....somehow. Who has heard of the tests the young Indians braves such as the Apaches would have to undergo? Well? What do our youth undergo nowadays? Playing Playstation II?? I know I'm not a teenager...but I wasn't created to sit at Wienerschnitzel like a tool. (It's a corpus thing guys). Lol.

And as the rain fell, I just agreed with it-and I sat on my side step letting it fall all over me, till I was soaking freaking wet with fresh rainwater, and I realized how fully alive I felt right there at that point in time, and full of the life that I've been blessed with!

And as always, the sun and goodness would peak through yet again.

And even though there would be no rainbow this night, I was happy to see and feel the front move through.

What a sight! And me all one on the whole beach but me fishing...

And being in a rush....the baits weren't perfect....but only time would tell if that would make a difference....

Look-I'm sorry if this is nasty-but people this is shark fishing. These fish aren't nice, they aren't playful, they are attracted to blood, to urine, to feces....and as Ralph always tells me..."Why in the WORLD do you fool with those @#$^ things!"

And NO, I don't normally do this on my freaking tailgate, but time was of the essence before dark!

And those doggone baits got RUN and life was good!! Because while those sharks ain't fooling around, I ain't either!

And I couldn't wait to see what nature would have in store for me during such a massive upheaval of conditions....

Let the big guns rock!!!

And the freaking "TRASH" was on the beach once again buddy!!!!! So let's rock n roll!

And the storm rolled on....

And lo and behold....Mother Earth smiled on me once again!!!

Or was She smiling the whole time? Because that goat's foot is green, and that water remains blue, and I was in one piece yet again....

But my rods, they had WORK to do...see that float? There's an ENTIRE JACK on the other end of that little piece of cork.... Laughing Not a half....not a head....a whole jack! BHP style! Three hooks!!! Love it!!!

So I kicked back and listened to "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan. Because I could....and because, well......after sitting on the passenger side step rail for 25 minutes of heavy downpour, I felt ready to celebrate! And even the pelicans on the point a mile north heard me sqeal, "Like a rollllling stone!!!!"

And dinner was SERVED.

And I went to bed. And you know what? My happiness left as the sun set and dark fell....and I doubted my intentions....and my purpose....and my reasoning and logic....and I was afraid of the tornadoes and the rain. And you know what? I was afraid of the wind. It was howling at 50mph. And you know what's the worst? Listening to the HOWL....the WHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR......WHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR that is indescribable of your four or five drops HOWLING in the heavy wind. Of the wind howling around your braided lines that are so tight that they emit guttural piano wire noise that is the most ungodly thing you've ever heard on a dark and stormy night down PINS in your life. It sounds evil. And if you haven't spent a night alone down there as a reasonable person, then it's hard to understand knowing the fact that you can be taken at anytime by lightning, by wind, by a waterspout, you name it. When that wind howls I swear its like it calls your name. And even Ralph said that him and Louis Rawalt used to agree that the wind would drive any person MAD. I hardly slept, and each time the wind would pick up to about 60 or 65mph I would crouch up on my good knee and think "I HAVE to get in the truck NOW Ralph always said sleep in the truck during a storm...." but I would be afraid to get out of the tent kot. Dumb right? Not so much at 3am during the Devil's hour. And not so dumb to think that maybe just maybe it's your time to be taken, that what you've done has caught up with you. Shocked

But you know what? The morning sun greeted me once again. And as Bob Dylan sang in "Tangled up In Blue," ...."thought you'd NEVER say hello..." If you don't like Bob-yet again-put yourself in a box and ship yourself to Pakistan. Laughing

And it was freaking georgeous.

Nice.....EXTREME weeded out fun!

Argh what a mess.....hours later this would take....

So it was time!!

And the norther was in full effect and blowing like @#^&.

And it was cold enough that I had to put on some friggin clothes.

And as expected and as I worried about all night, the water came up to the dunes.

And there was no one on the beach but me...and the poor turtle patrol.

So I found a nice quiet washout....and I took a day long nap in the tent kot!

Wonderfully relaxing....and needed since the night before I hadn't slept a wink.
So when the sun began setting and the wind laid....I geared up for night fishing war! YES-I am south texas' finest. Lol.

North it would be...

And as the sun fell, I found the location that I love so much....and not only did I feel right at home...but I felt like I had come home. And I discovered a never before explored maze in the dunes....they were all a story and a half tall and pure white powder sand....just a maze of little tunnels that I quickly became almost lost in with only the breeze blowing through shaping and changing to keep me company.

And I discovered happiness and contentment in my soul yet again.

And as I left that place, I heard joy call my name. And I think that just maybe I understood those naked Indians that I never seem to find....

So I geared up for a well rested night fishing extravaganza!

And meanwhile, Albert landed a 6ft 3 inch bull on the pier....must be the lucky hair...

And as I fished the night away under a starlit sky with a sliver moon to keep me company, I cooked some dinner yet again...

Better than I'm eating tonight let me tell ya!!!

And after spending the night listening to Willie Nelson in concert live from Austin.....I called it a wrap around midnight. And sat down on the bare sand alone as always to study the stars and the planets in the sky and think about everything.

And the next morning found me very well rested...the best yet....and happy.

But without a breakfast..........since my milk jug EXPLODED in the cooler. So awesome...not!!!!!

Meet Tuna fish kayak BTB candy with saltine crackers. NOT ENJOYABLE AT 7AM.

And I left this out...but a random racoon attack occured yet again!!!! I woke up around a strange sound. And if you don't know this about me, know it now. You come around my camp and make a sound, and I gotcha. Wink I waited about two minutes in the wind and dark before seeing him bolt out from under my truck towards the dunes. After telling him off, I realized how dumb I sounded and went back to bed. But how he moved about ten thousand pieces of crap from on top of my cooler in the bed I have no idea! I got his butt next time!!!!

Evidence!!!!!! Got his punk Arse!!!!

And due to falling seas as expected, I got ready for a BTB exploration and you know it, fishing...mission.

But when I got rolling to where I was going due to a slight breeze only the flies followed the truck by the thousands. I had to roll up the windows which I NEVER do.

This is nothing compared to about 20 minutes earlier. They are worse with moving objects and/or gasoline-hydrocarbons. Argh.

Looks good!!!!! And no, this ain't High Island-and this ain't where we fish with a....."radar crew" on shore to watch their Iphones for moving wx patterns....this is lower PINS, and you are on your OWN down there whether you have a "crew" or not. And I say bring it, it's time to get one's game on.

And as has happened before.....once I left the beach...the wind stopped....the waves stopped....the flies stopped....and all of earth and heaven stood still. It's an eerie feeling to hear ABSOLUTELY....NOTHING....and know that you are surrounded by water and where are the signs of life?

Because after all, wasn't it raunchy on the beachfront???

But I got a closed fist for those that want some of my Trident or of me baby! Very Happy

And its then that you realize.....that the seas may be calm....but the sea swells are a solid five your depth sounder jumps from 30 feet to 35 feet every 6 seconds...


And you're probably wondering....why I'm turned towards the beach....but as I got to the middle wreck of the 1554 Wreck, the "San Esteban," the doggone thing was buried and covered up by sand! Argh! Foiled again! I literally finally found this last winter when in a wetsuit.....ARGH! After quite a few passes I got out of there....because approximately 300 people were on the three wrecked vessels in 1554. Perhaps one-half to two-thirds drowned before reaching the beach. I always feel eery when out there...but I spent about two hours making passes and dropping baits, and sugary "TREATS." Very Happy To no avail. Even trolling netted no results. The only life I marked or saw was one lone jackfish that darted by me to see what I was up to....swam SQUARED off at two beautiful lures trolling behind no result....

And yet again, I give credit where credit is due, my man Keager could have probably pulled something off that day!

But I LOVE this Island.

And I know that the storm had changed things....the entire day before when a 8-10 foot sea was going on, and it was gusting up to 45mph.

But once again...and none of you will believe this I know. But some of you will, which is scary. I flipped back offshore after the 3rd bar, because I heard......not saw.....the incoming F@#$^&$ BEHIND me and knew a 4-5 set of rogue freaking swellls were coming over the bar and I didn't wanna go in the water with my Avet or Penn....and I got over the 2nd bar ok.....albeit fighting the crashing waves that slammed my bow under the surface....but once almost to the first bar and then the wade gut, I got hit by a NASTY roller and flew back out of control at 20mph, with the rudder up-a bad thing. I felt a BUMP. Shocked Looked to the right-nothing. To the left------a 6.5 ft shark!!!! I ran his butt over backwards! And he could have cared less! He had 30 something horse mullet swimming on his back trying to hide!!!! And he was swimming amongst a huge school of finger mullet like a friggin bozo! Trying to..."fit in!!!!" Unbelievable! And as all this happened, turtle patrol going by heard me shreak like a little Bit@h and I had to explain it to the dude! (1st year). Wow......I STILL CAN'T GET THIS SIGHT OUT OF MY HEAD.

But after the fact, I'm not even surprised.
So I took a freaking nap.

And after about an hour, after the early afternoon sun had woken me up, I got up, drank some water, and went back to sleep. What a bum.

But I woke up pretty much when some freaking bird thought I was dead and landed on my arse to apparently peck and eat me!!! Told ya not to take a nap on the ground in no man's land! So I hauled butt north to run baits. And took my next weed related casualty. And while it wasn't like when 3 years back my slide in truck camper cabover portion broke in half and landed on the truck roof, having my shark rack break off the frame really really REALLY SUCKED!!! Evil or Very Mad But I used some straps to secure it, and knew that somehow I was GONNA run baits.

Meanwhile my homeboy Alberto busted some butt on the pier, losing an 8ft bull to a broken net rope! The hair must not be so lucky after all. Laughing

Look at that tank well getting put to good use!!

And while it looks okay, I got rolled bad twice coming back in.....and yes....I got road rash of the bum....

And weeded out QUICK.

I knew I had screwed up BAD by running north into the south running weed due to the remaining southern current flow albeit a SE wind. But there was nothing I could do except stick it out. As Ralph Wade always told me, the "drive at five" is over once it began. At this point of the day, you're stuck in one spot. So live it and stick it out. Unfortunately, the previous storm had sucked a TON of weed off the beach up north, and with a lingering southerly current flow, it was quickly filling in the only remaining fishable area of beach where I had been concentrating my time further south. But I ran jacks and big rays anyway. And got about 1.5 hours per drop, and you guessed it, would cut out the ruined weeded topshot, rerig, and rerun that darn thing! Twisted Evil

Buddhahead Rods shirt dripping that salt water goodness while drying out!

So I ate another burnt chicken beach dinner and felt crappy while tending to weed related retardedness.

And the love of my life, Max-Attack, finally woke up! And demanded coffee!!!

And my camera was done. And as night fell all around me and the stars popped out overheard and the planets shone bright, I remained waist deep in the water unweeding out lines, and the end result was over 200 yards of wasted topshot. Thank goodness for mono for that purpose. Unfortunately it took hours to untangle it all. The baitfish remained out deep possibly due to the storm, and the fishing was impossible due to the weed even in my special spots that I had been using. Nothing remained with a knee not fit for walking on but to head back in to the mainland as the weed ruined my spots further south, and as the winds would increase yet again. My rack needed to be fixed/welded, and I had things to take care of almost 5 days gone. I hate the fact that I am limping around like a a prison punk, but hey, what can ya do?

So yet again here we are, the end. And again, what's the point, the moral, the high or the low, the up or the down? And as before, there isn't one. Just a man and a beach. And one beautiful but mean spirited fish! Laughing I hope you enjoyed the read, I always enjoy the writeup. And definetely the making of it all!

And before I forget, I'd like to go ahead and dedicate this report to Allan Lee, to Jerry Valentine, to Jim Moyer, to Pancho Brundidge, and to any others we've lost recently that pioneered and shaped our sport. May their memories never die, and may we cherish those elders we still have with us.

As always, take good care of eachother, take better care of our beach, and if the weed related blues has got ya down-take a weeklong nap like Max! Just keep your tongue in your mouth!

May your drops stay put and your lines stay high.

Later folks.

Protect Padre at all costs for future generations to use and enjoy and never forget our freedoms aren't free.
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Horse Mullet

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome report Brother. fight through the pain. That is life.
Live for today, Yesterday is gone & tomorrow never comes
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Full Grown Flour Bluffian

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dude Epic as usual.....

Bumping a shark while flipping in the surf hahaha dont know what i would be more worried about first...that 9 footer was pretty freaking big surprised ya didnt hear the reel screamin, but i know zilch about shark fishing haha...

The pic of the calm seas is just sick man i would kill to be in that situation right now....

excellent report amigo!
ltorna1 wrote:
I can just imagine a prehistoric nomadic version of AcousticTennis, padding around in a dugout canou with long unkempt hair (not much a stretch lol), catching drum on some 3000 BC version of fishbites.
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Full Grown Flour Bluffian

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

freaken epic man Cool
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Member White Shrimper Boot Club

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sitting in my night class, thanks a lot for the sweet hour and 5 min read.
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Member White Shrimper Boot Club

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, I really enjoyed your write. At first I thought there were too many photos, then I thought it was too much about too much, but as I read on, it all began to come together and I wanted MORE! Thank you for that trip WE took.
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Flour Bluffian in training

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

TbT, I like it and good medicine from Job to boot. Stark but appropriate is how he rolled. Straight and strong whichever the way the wind blew.
Wife and grandkids approved of pictures over casual dinner goofing off after homework. Better than TV and the bullshark and bulldog both have big fans!
Gracias TbT!
Don't let your meat loaf - Cheech Marin
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Full Grown Flour Bluffian

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Houston traffic sucks. I hope nobody ever lets you use a camera Laughing
Fishing and Kayaking its a rough life but somebody has to do it.
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Flour Bluffian in training

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You sir...have it all figured out...great report.
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Big Jack
Flour Bluffian in training

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Take care of that knee Bro. They only last so long. Great story, always love your musings. Almost Hemingway like. Almost Cool
"Charlie Don't Surf"
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Horse Mullet

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

dude... "epic" is right on! killer report, as usual!
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Member White Shrimper Boot Club

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

looks like a great time ty
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Flour Bluffian in training

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome post as always brotha!!!
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Flour Bluffian in training

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the report. An excellent read as usual.

I was at the pomp site over the weekend. I was thinking about you when the front came through. That front had the condo rocking while I sat inside. Staying dry and with a cold beer.

Take care of those knees. If you don't you will be walking like me. Barely.

Thanks again and I am look forward to the next trip we get to go on.
#1 fishing partner since 1981 is my wife, Lorna
Member SFCCI and NAFC
USMC '70-'74
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Stinky Fish
Pony Mullet

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

TOTALY GNARLY Bro!!! You're a Beast!!! Thanks for all the pics and the reading material! Cool
"Those of us that had been up all night were in no mood for coffee and donuts, we wanted strong drink. We were, after all, the absolute cream of the national sporting press."
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